Release the Beast

I a daily learning to release some beastly characteristics in my life. Are you?

Arise Woman

What is your definition of a beast? To me, a beast is someone with an atrocious attitude or something ugly, not of a nice quality. Desperate measures would always be taken to have it removed but why? Why get rid of the beast?Danger! Harmful! Look at the story of the”Beauty and the Beast”. The entire village wanted to kill him because he was an ugly creature and they felt threatened by his presence. You may have liked the outcome of the story but did you however dig deeper and found true meaning? Let me tell you what I gathered. The Beast was once a man just like us but due to a “deadly” spell, his body was transformed into this God forbidden creature and so did everyone around (close to) him transform. “He” was still there but the external showed him as gone(men considered him gone). Due to the look…

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