Subscription Is Good But……!!!

This is a great reminder. This issue and the approach to the issue still applies and is ever more needed today. Be careful of what you feed your soul with.

Arise Woman

As technology and the drive for knowledge is growing daily, subscription is becoming somewhat mandatory. I am sure you would have noticed  “subscribe” buttons on many websites to which you might have probably clicked because of interest in a particular thing/s. For those of you who may not know, when you subscribe to a page or article (whatever it is), you receive either a daily, weekly or monthly feed of new information by the specific sites. As some sites would say “subscribe for new feed”. New Feed? To feed is to have an intake of food; To nourish oneself. So even though emailed articles will not be food in the literal sense, it is still considered food. Food which can either be good or bad for your mind, body and soul. Now you see where I’m heading. Look at this subscription picture. Look at the words used, soak it in, then read…

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