Activate Meditation or Face Disintegration

There is a reason God summons us to meditate on his word. I’ve learnt that man might tell us to do things for many reasons, many being frivolous but when God says do something, it’s because he knows and wants whats best for us.

Within the past couple days I’ve paid attention to something that I am not too proud of but at the same time, glad to have notice it, to work on rectifying it. Each day I read the word, a particular verse would have caught my eyes and sometimes I would have prayed it. Maybe I thought praying it was activating it and so went about my business through out the day not meditating on it. Why do that? After all I did pray the word. However, during my time of reflection at night after a long day, I would realize that the same verse or verses I “prayed and technically activated” was not activated at all. Then the feeling of shame and guilt would have to be faced. Up to yesterday this pattern reared it’s head. As I read the verses that I did HIGHLIGHT in my bible yesterday, I was amazed that the things I prayed against doing is exactly what I did. All I could have done was smile but it was no happy smile but rather one of deep thought and concern. What is really going on God? Why is this happening to me? These questions bombarded my mind like vehicles on a highway. Then came my answer like a shoot star, racing across my mind, MEDITATION. I am very sure that God was speaking because I know all about meditating but yet never thought of it. I’ve spent days beating up myself, calling myself a spiritual failure because some things I just could not get right. Whats does meditation mean? To meditate means – to focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence for spiritual purposes. The key words being focus and period of time (in my humble opinion).

Reading the word is not all but what really makes it effective is when we meditate on it. The more you meditate on something, the more it infiltrates the system and stays there. Chances of forgetting what it says , will be less and I am not talking about the times we conveniently forget what the word of God says, just to have our own way. Sometimes we really do forget that the word of God said, do this or don’t do that and that’s because the words never really registered. The bible says in 2 Timothy 2: 25 – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. To pass an exam, we don’t just study the information given to us. We soak it in, which leads to remembrance to be successful in the examination. The same principle applies to the word of God. If we don’t activate meditation, we will face devastating disintegration. Our lives will slowly but surely fall into pieces. We would become weary of trying to do whats right and eventually give up.

I am openly talking to myself (while sharing with you). It’s time to activate meditation. Allow the word of God to not only be seen but to saturate your system. Don’t see words only in the book but let the words live on the pages of your heart and mind. LET THEM LIVE. LET THEM GUIDE. LET THEM LEAD. The word of God is God. LET GOD LEAD. MEDITATE ON HIM. MEDITATE ON HIS WORD.

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