Inspiration: Perspective


Many times we fail to do great things because we fail to change our perspective or way of thinking. If you think something cannot be done, then the brain will not try to find solutions because it was already fueled with a component that says, “Don’t Go. Can’t Go”. However, if your approach to a situation, whatever it may be, is positive then by all means, you will be able to. Even if it seems impossible in its initial stage, because you already convinced the mind that it is possible, solutions will be stumbled on. You may even shock yourself by innovation.

Recently I was looking at Mr. Peabody and Sherman, an animation. Sherman was flying a model airplane, to which he was doing great until Mr. Peabody yelled out, “Sherman you cannot fly”. Sherman response was, “I can’t?” and as soon as the resounding NO came from Mr. Peabody, Sherman fell from miles up in the air to the ground. My mind left the movie for a bit, as I started to think about how powerful the mind is and how our way of thinking can shape our lives. Sherman listened to the negativity that he was fed with and fell prey to it. Which takes me to this point. Be careful of the people you associate with. If you associate with negative people, you will begin to think negative and the same thing goes for positive association.

Nothing is impossible if you only believe. Matthew 17:20 states it very well. People who don’t believe in God calls it positive thinking or positivity and we, as children of God calls it Faith. However it is described, it is still a powerful tool that bring change in the life of the ones who possesses it. Change your thinking and change your life.



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