Daily Digest – Don’t Loose The Blueprint

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on WordPress consecutively. My posts have been sporadically and my faithful readers I’m sure you may have been wondering why. I’ll say like a song I recently heard, “Life happens while you are busy making plans”.My attention was glued to so many things, all to which had to do with ministry, that I forgot God gave me a mandate to share with his people frequently via blogging. I was so excited for the new projects that I placed his original plan to the side and though I was praying, didn’t stop for a while to think that by doing so I was ” offending” God. So what did he do? Put the other things on pause. Initially I didn’t see it that way until last night. You can only imagine the guilt and shame I felt before the Lord. His forgiveness was definitely required for me to move forward and get back to the drawing board.


We should never allow life, even in Christ to get in the way of Gods original plan. You may wonder how can a life in Christ get in the way of life in Christ? Its simple. God may call you for a main purpose and have you help out else where for a short while. That should never cause you to put his blueprint to the side for the help is just for a season and the blueprint is for life. Don’t be like me and get carried away with the help. Hold unto your blueprint and work it. With Christ build it. I openly confess my faults to you and do pray you see light in this. Don’t let life and I stress in Christ also take you away from your purpose.



3 thoughts on “Daily Digest – Don’t Loose The Blueprint

  1. God hears the cry of your heart to follow His original blueprint. What I always am moved by in your writing is how you say you are very much a woman under construction. There is a realness, a candid openness that says to people, “Here I am struggling and striving, falling and then getting up.” You remind me of the Psalmist, David, a man after God’s own heart.

    It is easy with all the daily intrusions into the life of the spirit to lose sight of the original viewpoint. I did that when I thought my Lord wanted me to go into teaching. Yet, the call while in part is to be a teacher, there is a stronger call to be a pastor of the heart. I found myself falling back so many times to teaching because that is what I was comfortable with and took to it naturally. In times of financial hardship I would say to Karen, “I could always go back into teaching.” Karen would say, “Darling, your primary calling is to be a counsellor to the wounded. God will use your skill as a teacher, but it will be within the sphere of helping others, to encourage them to see their God-given potential.” God uses Karen and others to point me back to my original blueprint. My time of abuse from my schizophrenic father was part of the refining fire of preparation to be one of God’s healers of the abused. The other part of His original blueprint is that I would have challenging health conditions that I would have greater compassion for those who suffer.

    “Please hear with your heart these beautiful and powerful words of Joni Eareckson Tada. “Sometimes God allows the very thing He hates in order to bring about the very thing He loves.” The many things that came into your life that you say took you away from God’s original blueprint may have been allowed by Him to help you get back in touch with the fact that sharing your open heart with others through blogging is part of your calling. These thoughts come after deep prayer over your situation. The many encumbrances that come into our lives in many instances that God hates are used by Him to bring about in us that which He loves. It is God’s call to look at the things we think are important and align ourselves with His priorities and not ours.

    Perhaps, if you see these invasions into your calling as a way of getting more back with your Lord’s original blueprint, you will find in that thought great comfort, knowing God’s love is with you as you sort out His dreams, His plans, His vision for your life.

    You will have critics as you lay yourself open, real and vulnerable to others. Sometimes, the best thing you can say is that while you are entitled to your opinion, we will need to respectfully agree to disagree.

    I’m really glad to see you back blogging again. I have deeply missed how the Lord uses you to help me see this journey of faith from different perspectives. Keep being real and our Lord will continue to use you to reach many lives with the message of His love, heart and acceptance for all people whether they believe or disbelieve.

    I pray that these thoughts have uplifted you today.

    Praying God will open the floodgate of His blessings into your life.

    Shalom, dear friend and sister in Christ.


    • Thank you Kevin. Sometimes I wonder why God allows me to write so transparent and get scared at its repercussions from time to time but allow him to use me all the same. The negative response actually builds me up rather than break me and allows me to see how much more people I need to pray for. Thank you for encouraging me your words of wisdom. God bless you Kevin.

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