Pillow Talk – Pride


While sitting this morning thinking about a conversation I had last night with a friend about pride, the youversion notification for the verse of the day popped up and to my greatest surprise was about the same. Lord are you saying something?.. Lol. I laugh but pride is a serious issue and as it is stated in the bible many times, God despises it and will deal with us accordingly if it exist in us. Not matter how infinitesimal. My friend said something that really stood out to me and hopefully I can explain it well. He said, pride does not necessarily means showing up yourself or wanting to be seen of others. It can exist internally and is more or a less a mindset. Meaning, you can do something that no one knows about but pride can still exist in you. You can be proud all by yourself and I am sure you will agree. Pride happens internally and is exposed simultaneously when works done are exposed. That’s the time we get to express how we really feel on the inside about our accomplishments.

Though I believe nothing is wrong with appreciating what you did, I believe pride is a hazard to man’s well-being. Someone describes it as a cancer and we know cancers are very dangerous and life taking. Pride can eat away at you until it causes you to malfunction and all the things you once honored can become as nothing in your eyes. The bible says:

PRO 11:2 KJV – When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.

It can cause the greatest downfall of mankind but if only we will be humble, growth becomes inevitable. As a person and as a child of God let us endeavor not to be be filled with pride. We can be proud of ourselves but not filled with pride. My dad told me of a Pastor who became so great, that he thought he could preach the gospel without God and said “I can preach without the Holy Spirit”. However, when he stood on the altar he became mute and all his boasting was for nothing. Can you imagine how ashamed he felt? That’s a true story and the epitome of the highlighted verse. Do not become like this man and allow pride to bring you to an open shame. Let’s be humble and we will be exalted.



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