Daily Digest: Burning Bridges


I know most times when we hear burning bridges we think of being ungrateful. However in this piece I refer to burning bridges as a potential bridge to cross. Yesterday I was privileged to spend the day with my long lost cousin and a very close friend. Everything was splendid. It’s been awhile since I had so much fun but even in having fun I had to know my limit. Later on in the night they wanted to hang out but it was very difficult for me to conform since the only thing I thought about was burning the two bridges I would potentially have to cross. When I speak of burning bridges in this context, I mean ministering the word of God to. What would I have been able to tell them if I were to do the same things as they wanted to? It is clear that they both know I am a child of God and I have also come to realize that unbelievers and lukewarm believers know what we should and should not do more than us. Making it even clearer to me that I could not burn those bridges because for the minute I do, I would be sinking in murky water.

I speak about sharing the word of God the two people but this goes for more than that. We cannot teach others of something if we don’t live by it. If you would like to tell someone don’t steal but they see you stealing, that is considered burning a bridge. Your words will have no power but rather you will be faced with condemnation and be branded as a hypocrite, for which  most Christians are branded today. I know not everyone is set out in life to be a role model; We do have some Rihannas amongst us but for those who are willing to see others change, even by sharing a simple word, know that it begins with you. Don’t do things to burn bridges. Let your life be an example. There is a saying that goes, “Be careful of the life you lead for you may be the only bible people read”. And the word bible can be replaced with motivational/ inspirational books. Books off wisdoms etc. Thank God I realized that I had to step back before I ruined my opportunity to share the opportunity of salvation with someone. I pray that you too pay attention to the many bridges around you and endeavor not to do anything to burn them.


Never Burn A Bridge

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