Pillow Talk: Ever – Enlarging Enough


There is no loveliness, nothing that makes man dear to his brother man, that is not in God, only it is infinitely better in God. He is God our saviour. Jesus is our saviour because God is our saviour. He is the God of comfort and consolation. He will soother and satisfy his children better than any mother her infant.

The only thing he will not give them this: He will not leave them to stay in the dark. If a child cries, “I want the darkness”, and complains that God will not give it, yet God will not give it. He gives what his child needs – often by refusing what the child asks. If this child says, “I will not be good; I prefer to die; let me die!” God’s dealing with that child will be as if he said, “No; I have right to content you, not by giving you your own will but mine, which is your good. You shall not die; you shall live to thank me that I would not answer your prayer”.

There are good things God must delay giving, until his child has a pocket to hold them – until God gets his child to make that pocket. God must first make him fit receive and to have. There is no part of our nature that shall not be satisfied – and that not by lessening it, but by enlarging it to embrace an ever-enlarging enough.

Quote: From the God of man’s paintings, we turn to the man of God’s being, and he leads us to the true God, the radiation of whose glory we first see in him.

Excerpt – George McDonald – Discovering the Character of God










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