Daily Digest – What’s Your Desire?


The dictionary defines Desire as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen and so again I pose the question, “What’s your desire”?

I desire to be a TRUE child of God doing his works day in and out. I also desire to help people, uplift their spirits, help change their way of thinking. Added to that, there are personal desires I have for my live but how would these things become a reality? Will it happen by just being a desire? No I have to work on my desires and be consistent at doing it. According to what I desire and seek after, that will I produce. Your mind must be bent on seeing your desire become a reality and this passion must be mixed with no anxiety but prayer and supplication (Phil 4:6 – 7), and faith and hard work (James 2:14 – 16). God is able to take us to the highest mountain of success in life but again this should not be our aim for consulting with him. We should seek after his things first and fulfillment of our desire will be inevitable when we do so (Matt 6:33). So even in desires, there should be priority. Sometimes we desire things and wonder why it’s not working out as we planned. Maybe it’s because your list of things is not in chronological order.

I challenge you to re-evaluate and put things in order, pray, seek the face of God, then go after it and I am sure you will be able to come share the difference with me. Your desire can become a reality but first lay them in proper order of priority and see God work.


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