Daily Digest – Pick Up The Pieces and Move

What do you do when you started off something with much enthusiasm and as you went along there was some fumbling and stumbling? Do you give up or will you get up, pick up the pieces and move forward? Today I charge you to PICK UP THE PIECES AND MOVE.

pick up the pieces

Last Saturday I started a seven-day fast and after day one, I knew all things would go well. The fast would be one of power and an awesome turnout. Even though I broke the fast a little after midday on Sunday, it didn’t deter my trend of thoughts. I was so sure that the rest of the week would not have turned out like that……….but what happened? Monday I broke the fast one hour before the end (which made no sense because it was just ONE MORE HOUR) and then came the big day on Tuesday, my birthday, which was not any ordinary birthday to me. It was my GOLDEN. I turned 26 on the 26th and could not eat? Initially it didn’t bother me because my sacrifice for God was bigger than the day I was born but this way of thinking lasted until 2:00pm, then I ate. After all, God would understand, it was my BIRTHDAY. Wednesday would be different, so I’ll move on. However, when Wednesday came, a friend took me out for lunch as a birthday gift and because I was not able to fulfill a promise to her due to unforeseen circumstances, there was some form of obligation to this invitation in my mind. What was happening to my fast? The days were passing and the time was being cut up even more. What would you have done? I believe some of you would have done the same thing that ran through my mind. Stop the fast and start over some time soon to which I did ponder on for a while. God however, was about to stop that foolish way of thinking and he did this morning in my time of prayer. I renounced the spirit of condemnation that was beating up on me for not fasting as I should and decided through the help of God to pick up the pieces and move. The fast was rededicated to God and so I will finish my fast like the winner that I am. Today and tomorrow please God will not be affected by the odds of this world. No matter what and this I declare in the strength of Christ.

My struggle was spiritual but this can be a problem in any sphere of life. You may have started off with a beautiful project or idea and all was going well until it started to seem shaky. I hope you didn’t quit because a person who gives up will not win but always fail. The option of failure should never take priority in your thinking and this can only be avoided if you don’t quit. Just like me you can say no to giving up and move on. Start in the middle, start from almost the end but start somewhere and the rest will fall into place. I covered all the issues I was supposed to fast about over the past few days, in my prayer this morning and I believe with all my heart that those prayers were already answered. What was meant for bad has already become good and this could not be the case if I gave up. Neither will you be able to say this, if you give up. Things may not have gone as you initially envisioned and anticipated but that does not mean that things don’t have to go on. The moving depends on your power of propelling. 

What will you do? Will you “throw in the towel” or pick up the pieces and move?






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