Pillow Talk: Not For The Swift…………………. Endure To The End.

There’s  a biblical saying, I’m sure many is familiar with and that says, “The race is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end” and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this quote. There are times when giving up seems like the best thing to do but what would that really profit you? Character isn’t build, endurance is thrown to the side, along with consistency and an empty vessel is formalized and maintained. I know all too well about wanting to give up. There are times when I would have done or say something that left me feeling disenchanted;  even blogging would have felt like a task but verses like the one above is what carried me through. No one is perfect but perfection can be built when we learn to tarry through the good and bad and ENDURE TO THE END.


So my brother or sister, it’s time to get back on that PROJECT (whatever it is), you were working on. Though it feels like forever and you may have stumbled here and there a little, it’s time to get back on it and work harder to see the fruit of your labour. NEVER GIVE UP. GIVING UP is not of God; so too should it not be of you.


Run The Race by Embrace Grace


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