Daily Digest: The Boot Camp

Boot Camp

I have never been to a boot camp but I know it’s a place of rigorous training. Some go and leave before their time is up because the training is so hard. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to enjoy one myself but this morning post looks at “Boot Camp” from another angle. Last night, though I should have rejoiced for something I will share with you all SOON, I was harboring thoughts of giving up. Giving up on what? I can’t even say. It’s funny how the feeling of letting go can sometimes hit you for the smallest thing. It causes one to wonder about how far the enemy will go to mess you up. However as I laid on my bed, the words, “Boot Camp” came to me and immediately I started tweeting, where I began to play with the words. I started to speak to the different things that were crossing my mind by saying, “I send you to boot camp” while picturing myself kicking it away. Before long I was able to get up and blog. I wrote two blogs back to back. Can you imagine?

The bible says the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy and this extends from your dream to your very life but through what I would call divine intervention, I was able to come up with a new plan in dealing with the enemy and all negativity. Send then to BOOT CAMP. All things that tries to fight me and discourage me, will not be able to stand because one by one I will be kicking those feelings away. “Level Boot Camp” Training for them. Do you want to get rid of some things? Well come join me at the BOOT CAMP. Let’s kick those things away.



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