Pillow Talk: The Smallest Bite


As I think of the smallest bite, I think of Adam and Eve. Though I was not there in the garden, I can only imagine that it did not take the entire fruit to cause their eyes to open. Logically speaking, if it did, Eve would not be able to share her fruit with Adam but rather pick a separate one for him. The bible did not say that, so we are convinced that Eve took a bite of the fruit and gave Adam to do the same. This caused on both their lives, something God never intended. Sin and a disgrace to their creation.

Reflecting on that and paralleling it to something I did earlier on today made me realize how dangerous the smallest bite can be. Most times when we take “bad” risk, (and I inverted the word because, bad can be anything not good according to the individuals morals and values) we never think of the repercussions as much as the excitement. After all, we do it with the aim of not getting caught and that brings the fun in it. However, for the persons who may not want to at times and are persuaded to do something risky, it leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. For example, a young woman who takes a risk in having coitus with her boyfriend and it resulting in pregnancy, how would she feel? Guilty, miserable, worthless, anguish and the list can go on. That result would have started off with just a small bite. Sometimes the intention is just to do it once and never again but the result brings shame., making the smallest bite, the most distasteful thing, that could have ever been done.

No I am not that young woman…lol but what I did equates to the feeling. Even though it was wrong, it didn’t feel wrong at the time because it brought me pleasure. I rebuke the person who says, sin isn’t sweet because that’s a lie. It is sweet but for how long? It’s like drinking paregoric and honey. The sweet taste comes first but you are left with a bitter taste in the end. After going through that ordeal, it made me realize that, though the bites of something might seem small and so “doable”, it makes no sense risking a soul of peace and sanity. This goes for anything in life. Friends might persuade you to try cocaine, just this one time and that time can turn you into an addict. YES! IT IS POSSIBLE. Though my situation was nothing of the examples used, I’ve learnt my lesson. I love peace and serenity. It’s worth more than anything risky I may want to do for two minutes. resulting in two hours of sadness and guilt. You may wonder, what could she have possibly done to feel like that and I will say, when the Holy Spirit is your constant guide, the smallest bite seems like you ate an entire fruit. The conviction is so strong that you feel like hiding from a God you really cannot hide from.

I would not wish this feeling on the person who hates me the most, for guilt is an internal parasite.It will eat its way at you until you sink into depression, self neglection and sometimes suicide. All these things are possible because of taking the smallest bite. I urge you to avoid taking negative risk, not even for the fun of it because it’s repercussions can take the moments of having fun completely out of your life.



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