Daily Digest: Threshing

farmer hand threshing

Although not always so, instruments of threshing can include other people, situations in our lives or circumstances that we are placed in. As an example, a hurting word or action from someone who crosses our path of life will test out ability to overcome our own normal reactions and instead forgive them and show love towards them. Afflictions and emotional pain in our lives usually diverts our attention from our busy self-absorbed lifestyles, allowing us to slow our life down and reflect on how our life is being lived.

When threshing comes our way, our role is to turn towards God with a willing heart to allow him to complete his work of threshing on each of us even though the process of separating from the world and letting go of living life just for ourselves is difficult and painful. The Lord tests people to find out what is in our hearts. The testing provides evidence not only to God but also to us of the state of our heart before God.

What will your heart say, when you are tested?



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