Daily Digest: Threshing – Part 2

farmer hand threshing

When we are tested, God always gives us a choice.What we decide, determines how much further threshing is required to make us more like the people, God wants us to be. Separation from the world is an ongoing process and after we commit our lives to God, we must willingly yield to the work of the Holy Spirit to spiritually mature and live our daily lives dedicated to God.

Although we want our lives to be blessed by God, so that we do not have to be challenged physically, emotionally, financially or perhaps even in our faith, the reality is that when life is going smoothly, people tend to feel that they do not need God, forget or ignore him and often have little time and inclination to seek him with all their heart. For some Christians, God can have a place in our usually busy and self-focused lifestyles but there is little if any spiritual growth. Given that all is going well, there is a tendency to be self-confident and self-focused and there is little or no commitment to seriously live daily in a way that pleases God.

When God was leading the nation of Israel out of Egypt , he took them into the wilderness for forty years, delaying their arrival because they were unprepared to trust and obey him. He told the nation that he took them into the wilderness to test them, to see what was in their heart.

If you were to be tested, what will God find in your heart?




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