Pillow Talk: Who Am I?


They say I am inferior because I have no money…and all iv got is a penny
They say I am poor for I am not known by many…I am only known by my mummy.
They say I am below standard for I do not follow the standards of the world… I set standards
They say I am a social misfit for I am of the word and not of the world
They say I am weak because I am not physically built…david has more to share on that
They say I am poor because my house doesn’t have a gate but that doesn’t matter for I know I am rich because the earth and its fullness belongs to my father.
I say I am rich because I have life and in abundance through Christ
I say I am somebody because I breath the same air with the people who say I am nobody…we both pay nothing
I am somebody because I walk on the same ground as those who say I am nobody
I am somebody because I am an earthen vessel ready to burst out heavenly treasures to do exploits in no time
I am who God says I am and He knows me by my full name
So I ask, who are you?

See More at: http://papberry.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/who-am-i-they-say-i-am-inferior-because-i-have-no-money-and-all-iv-got-is-a-penny-they-say-i-am-poor-for-i-am-not-known-by-many-i-am-only-known-by-my-mummy-they-say-i-am-below-standard-for-i/


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