Acceptance is something every person would appreciate. However because of life (meaning the issues that comes with living) many have resorted to not really caring if they are accepted or not. There is such a fight down to be more successful than the other, that having people accept you for who you are in today’s world is a plus. But what if your difference is so different that you are mocked or looked upon with disdain? How can you move forward, if the ones you love (particularly family), does not esteem you as you know you should be?

This was my thought recently. I was known for my former lifestyle of partying and having “fun” (worldly fun), as well as talking to a particular caliber of men. One that society deem as better. However, as I rekindled my relationship with Christ, things changed. Thus my mindset was also transformed. To me, I see a better lifestyle and I am at peace with myself. Though I go through lives challenges, I find peace in prayer and is able to function unlike in times past. This I thought my peers would have understand but I was wrong. So, I was then faced with the challenge of being made fun at because of my new belief and desire to be steadfast. Also, the man God has given me would obviously be different (different outward appearance) but of a better quality. Let’s just say, my thinking is no longer shallow and so I move within a higher realm. Writing it that way, explained something to me. I am different.

Different means moving in the opposite direction from the masses. This is the ultimate recipe for no acceptance. So what do you do? Do you turn around and change values to be accepted? No! When faced with such an obstacle course, though it may seem difficult, stand for yourself and your standards. Many “friends” would be lost because of it but in due time, the right people will come into your life. It’s not an easy thing but for the sake of your character, it would be worth standing alone (physically not spiritually) in the dry season. Do it with the assurance that the same people who rejected you will be the same to run after you when you are well established. Focus on your goals and be an arrow. Shoot of in the right direction. Allow God to lead you and don’t be bothered by what you hear or the fake smiles you will receive. Accept the journey, accept yourself, know that God accepts you and in due time, you will be accepted by who needs to accept you. Acceptance is bliss but character and standards are of more value. Which do you prefer?

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