Expect the Blows


When a person decides to work on becoming a better individual, they are to expect the very thing/s, they are working on to blow up in their faces. Ask me, I know it all too well.

As I would have shared in my first blog of 2015, things was not easy for me in the latter part of last year. However, during that time, I’ve discovered some things about myself that was and is not quite pleasing to me. I see the need for personal growth and purging of some old ways. So in all my enthusiasm, the decision was made to work on the removing of some characteristics I presently host, as well as the way I relate to people in all aspects of my life. Though I was faced with circumstances like these prayer wise, I didn’t quite map it on to a conscience decision – one of my biggest mistake. Here I was ready to move forward and a ton of bricks came from nowhere, hitting me in my face (figuratively). I happen not to be one who sits and takes things like that so easy. The usual response is a flare up and so I did. This time being the worst I’ve ever had. “What? Am I not working on changing?”

When the reality of the situation finally got hold of me, a big melt down followed. I cried uncontrollably because for the life of me I could not understand what happened. I was ashame of myself but still found strength to reason (with myself), rather than wallow in sorrow. That’s when I saw the pattern of that which occur when I pray. I faced the blow. What was I to do then? Give up and forget about changing? God forbid. If ever there was a time I saw the need for change, it would be NOW!! I am a young woman with a great purpose and just like the apostle Paul, I am to practice what I preach. In doing so effectively, I must change. However, after that episode, it was realized that I cannot do it within my own strength. My help and guidance would be needed from God, for which he did supply the Holy Spirit. Many would say, that’s overrated because they probably know of persons who dealt with issues personally. And yes that may be so but in them doing a good job, God can and will do a greater job.

Are you embarking upon the journey to change but seeing the unwanted traits still raring its head? That’s alright. Do not give up the fight because the blows are expected when you make a step towards betterment. Trust God. Acknowledge him in all your ways and he WILL direct your path. Greater is coming!!


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