How Is It Done? – Relationship Talk


Relationships are one of the best thing God created and by relationships I mean all forms. We meet people, Interact with them, learn personalities and even gain fruitful information or traits for our lives. Some relationships are meant to last a life time, while others are seasonal. Differentiation is important in relationship. That’s for sure… 🙂

What about personal relationships though? I’ve read many articles which states, persons should find themselves before entering into such a committed form of relating and to this I fully agree. But there is a but…… I believe it is a common sense fact that no relationship will be heralded by perfect people. There is no such thing as a perfect man walking on planet earth. We all have issues, even if they are in their most infinitesimal state and these will be present in relationships. So to me, even in relationships, individual pruning must be done. But how do you do it, ensure its done properly and still be effective in your relationship? In other words, how do you do it and not forget to focus on your partner also?

Someone answered this question for me by saying, “it takes discipline. You must seek God for your transformation and for that season forget the other persons short comings”. About the short comings that’s true because we often point out each others faults but our own. So to that I agree. However, the answer is still a lot to me. Why? Because discipline takes discipline. Lol

Sounds like a lot of work to be done while being in a  relationship right? Best you be single? Neh!

Being single is good and for those of you who are, do not rush to be committed into a relationship if you know you are not ready. Continue to build yourself and in time God will guide you into the right relationship. For the ones who are in already(in a healthy committed relationship) like myself, we have work to do also.

Sometimes the fear of loosing a good partner, grips us and causes us to malfunction in relationships. So instead of dealing with the issues rapid and deadly, we become deadly in the bond. Trust would be a main factor in fixing you while being bonded. Take the person at their word that things will be alright and focus on fixing you. Sharing your issues (wisely) sometimes would be a plus. This would encourage communication (not leaving the partner out). And back to what I was told. Seek Gods face for the answers, while “ignoring” the persons shortcomings. When you change, things will change. It may even have a domino effect, causing the person to change. This is something I am still learning. Its plenty work but brings plenty worth. Letting go of fear is a main factor. If you are to get hurt, then allow hurt to have it’s course because it will only make you stronger. Sounds weird but their is no true love without hurt. Relationships are sweet but juice will never taste right until it is sweeten properly. Same rule applies to relationships.

I pray for you just like myself, that you are able to overcome personal issues fast but precise in your healthy relationships.


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