When Focus is Shifted, Peace is Lifted.

On my journey of healing, my mind has been bombarded with so many questions. It feels like the Churchill Roosevelt highway. Things go up and down and so does my emotions. Sometimes I sing and smile because I feel happy and then again the tears flow because I can’t seem to understand what’s going on.


However in recent times, I would have drown myself in sorrow but no more was my determination. The next best place to cry was in the presence of God. Seeking his face for relieve and answers if I was/ am to get any and so was I this morning. “God why can’t I get it right? Where am I going wrong?” And he softly he answered me. “Your focus shifted”.

Isn’t the Lord marvelous? No one would have told me that even if they noticed. It would more be like, ” you eh see she not the same no more?”, the mouths of onlookers but there he was in all his glory, reaching out to me, telling me my downfall. My focus shifted and in recollecting, indeed it was.

My passion around this time last year was God, God and more God. I could not have gotten enough. However as the course of my life changed (to ways I didn’t imagine), I fell of track. All the wrong things grasped my attention. Where did the zeal go? It was washed away by the many tears I cried and I was trying to hold on to the little things I had remaining. Which now, I must laugh at because if God is stripping me, no matter how hard I try to hold on, it will go. RAINCHECK – HE IS GOD. The human mind seems to forget that when things begin disintegrating. Lol

Oh focus where are you? How can you be regained? In the spirit. For its not by might nor by power but ONLY by the spirit of the living God. So where do I begin? In prayer and the word. Its that simple. Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and ALL things shall be added unto me. That’s my answer. God is my answer.

Whenever focus on what really matters is shifted, it will take peace along with it and you will be left in no mans land. That’s the place where they house pity party’s and crying sessions. I can only laugh now. I am grateful to God for ever being near to me, to speak and redirect me to the right path. Bless the Lord for the great things he has done.

Hope you gain from this piece. Refocus baby. It’s the only way to triumph.


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