It Is Final

Yes it is FINAL!


Yesterday while standing at my sink, I started to thank God for blessing me with an opportunity beyond measure. In analyzing this favor, something amazing struck me and that is, sometimes we don’t think we are ready for something. We find “this and that” to be wrong with us and God simply pushes what we find to the side because what he find is FINAL. I found it mindbogglingly, yet heartwarming that God would use a raw product (in us) and work it unto perfection. Yes I know, this is what he does when our sins are redeemed but that’s one aspect of it.

You see, I was born with a beautiful voice, one that received a powerful prophetic word, a word I am yet to see happen. Don’t you just dislike that? We all love to see the manifestation of our prophecy. With my voice not being where I would like it to be, I could not see myself in a band, much more to do what I am about to do today. However, what I found about myself, I had to push in my pocket (the pocket have a hole…lol) because Gods findings was and is final. He placed me in a band and today I have to minister for one hour amongst some big names in the business. Am I pleased with the quality of my voice? No but God is and there I find my consolation.

This makes me ready for service. Why? Because I am seeing what he is doing. It’s called the molding process. Couple years ahead, I will be able to look back and say,”he has brought me a mighty long way” ( as I now say with my cooking …lol). I am just awestruck by how God operates. He pushes us to see our true potential.

So family, don’t despise when you are hurled into the things you thought you weren’t ready for. God is saying you are. He is molding and shaping you into an even better vessel. Enjoy the journey and give thanks because he choose you amongst the millions of people in the world.

What he sees, says and do is FINAL.


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