Reminded To Remind You

What a day I had. It started off slow and almost in the dumps. Unfortunately I can’t identify what was the cause for me feeling down but the feeling was quite intense. To make matters worst, today was not a people day. Not that I wanted it to be so but it automatically came with the “down package”, sadly making me feel worst. Worship service (church) was good and so was the sermon but to my surprise it did not do much. The feeling of joy was still being battled to stay away from me and this struggled annoyed me. On my return home, I laid still on my bed and tried not to nurse the feeling by listening to a sermon on deliverance. It is in this, I was reminded that the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy. You may think but that’s basic. It doesn’t need a reminder but most times we forget the basics when faced with tests.


I recently started seeking God for more of him. My hearts desire is to really understand who God is, since I believe this knowledge would bring a greater form of worship from within but in doing so I was asking for trouble. The enemy was not going to give me a rest and today the attack intensified. After leading worship yesterday at a praise-a-thon and receiving a word to move forward, he decided to unleash on me today. He began to feed my mind with all sorts of negative thoughts and caused me to see things which probably was not there. He tried to break my spirit, which would either cause me to remain stagnant or fall backwards but then came the word of power, “GREATER IS HE THAT LIVES IN ME THAN HE THAT LIVES IN THE WORLD “.

Now this word would mean nothing if I didn’t believe it. I allowed that word to saturate my mind as I prayed and pleaded the blood of Jesus. Just as the feeling, my prayer had to be intense because the feeling was not just going to leave and so, after much perseverance it was gone. People I now remind you that enemy is real. Many believe its a hoax and its a matter of negative and positive forces but these same people when placed in a tight position, commits suicide or bring harm to their bodies. Why would not the positive forces stop them? Because it cannot but Jesus can heal the broken hearted. He can fix all situations; he is all powerful and holds each persons life in his hands. The same resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead would reside in you, once you accept him as Lord and savior of your life. No dark entity would be able to consume you, if you use the authority given to us by God in Luke 10:19.

I know it may not be easy at times. The different level of testing brings different levels of pain but God. Be reminded that he is right there fighting for you and will not allow you to go through more than you can bear. There is always something I remind myself of and that is, if I am going through something “difficult”, the fact that Jesus said we will not get more than we can bear, means that I am a strong person. If he did not think it possible for me to handle, he would not have allowed it to past my way. Same goes for you. So be encouraged and reminded that you are an over-comer because you serve the one true and living God, Jesus Christ. In him there is life and peace.

I speak peace into your life today in the name of Jesus. May all the things that are out of order, in your mind, body and soul come into order in Jesus name. Be set free in Jesus name. Amen.


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