Being Stripped

One of the hardest things to endure is the stripping of those qualities which does not align themselves with the qualities of God. Most times they are seasoned and so as he begins to pull them out, the process is painful.


As I read the book of Colossians tonight, I prayed for each Godly attribute expressed in the chapters. Would you believe that while reading and asking God for these qualities, one popped up to test me? That’s when I realized that’s it more than a prayer but each prayer must be followed by one act and that is submission. Submission to the Holy Spirit. As I laid on my bed, looking this test in the face, my body cringed because to walk in righteousness, I would have had to stoop. Which human being likes to stoop? Although we often use the phrase, “one must stoop to conquer”. I’ll be honest. I did not feel like stooping. Why must I stoop is what I thought but there the Holy Spirit was tugging on my heart to do the right thing. And so, with a little extra tugging, I did. My only response was tears because I felt stripped of my “humanhood”. But then, what is ” humanhood”. Walking in the flesh and God wants no part of it. No flesh can glory in his presence. So it’s either we walk in flesh and forget God or walk in the spirit and stoop when needed.

It was painful, I tell you. I did not like doing it but surprisingly I felt light when it was done. After the tears, there was a peace in my heart, reassuring me that I did the right thing and God was pleased with my obedience.

We ask God to change us but please know that the striping process requires us to be submissive. Egos and puffed up mindsets must take a back seat when it comes to God, change and character pruning. It may initially make you feel small but as you build character according to Gods standards, you will see the greatness of who you are.

So allow the filth to be thoroughly dug up and out. Its only meant to make you more beautiful on the inside and out and more presentable and usable in the eyes of God.


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