The Reality

As a Christian, I’ve come to realize and is ever reminded that this walk is not an easy one. The only way to make it, is to never forget the purpose (your purpose). Never loose sight of Jesus or else it will be chaos.


Yes there are the trials that comes to make us stronger but there is also something called, “self – interest”. True Christianity and self interest cannot saddle together. They never did and never will. Some of us, especially because of modern day teachings, have mentally aligned Christianity with blessings only and living in ” receivership “. It has become so bad that many people are daily turning their backs on God because he has not given THEM what THEY WANT. Some of us serve in the church just to be ” blessed”. (Wrong motives).

However, as you read the word of God, it will be realized that this walk is more about God and others than ourselves. Matthew 6 says, “seek FIRST the kingdom of God and its RIGHTEOUSNESS, and (then) all things shall be added unto you”. Is this often forgotten? So that we look for the all things without seeking? I believe so and this I speak from a place of once being there. The sad thing about my story is, I was not serving in the church. It was my belief that my daily prayer and bible reading would have been enough. But how? When it was done as a ritual rather than truly seeking after God? IMPOSSIBLE! So after much praying and reading, yet seeing no results I got angry with God and wanted to walk away because ” HE WAS REJECTING ME”. The famous saying. That’s the epitome of being wrong and strong. The way many of us live today.

Listen and listen well. If your heart is not in the right place, DO NOT expect to receive of God. Why? Because his word said so and he does not go against his word. You may look at “unbelievers” and wonder how? How are they living so large and you are not. Take your eyes off of them and know that you are not because your focus is wrong, your purpose is tainted and God is not pleased. If you are a parent, you will understand what it is to withhold things from your child or children due to dissatisfaction or disappointments.

If you want to see a change in your life, YOU MUST CHANGE. Your focus must be realigned to God and your purpose readjusted to that of God. This MUST be done without the notion of looking for something but from a selfless heart. The more you do to get, the less you will receive. The more you do to accomplish Gods will, the greater your blessings. Blessings lies in the nature of the heart, not from the workings of the hands.

That’s just the reality. I pray God open our eyes to see what true Christianity is all about and that we walk in authenticity.


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