I Dare You To Move

I had to re-encourage myself to move.

Arise Woman

This is going to be short but sweet.

All I’ve ever wrote about since I started blogging, were things that women go through, highlighting my personal experiences to help drive the point home. I know that in this world of different people, ideas and opinion on the blog would be different but someone would be touched and inspired. Everyday I write, with the knowledge that I can see something in the comments bar that will kick me to the curb. Try to shake my grounds and belittle me and I did. The mind bugging part of it, is when the words sounds familiar and right at home. You know, like it’s coming from someone I know. I hope not….lol. Then I ask myself what do I do, if it is? You know, getting an extremely harsh critique from strangers will always be better than feeling like you are being attacked in your space or…

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