Necessary Things

Heartaches and pains are sometimes the hardest things to go through and according to the intensity of the pain, the feeling of giving up follows but how funny it is, that these things are necessary.


As I sat and thought about an incident which occurred that hurt me badly, I initially thought the persons involved to hate me and I began to build a resentment in my heart. The Holy Spirit however intervened and set some things straight, in that God reminded who he said I was. Part of a royal priesthood, a chosen generation and a peculiar people. So then what people said didn’t matter. As he ministered to my spirit, things got clearer. He revealed the relevance of these (not so nice) occurrences. The wrong perceptions of who I am, which causes strange talks were necessary. Not just to build my character but to show off who God is. How? When he begins to show forth in my life, the same people who opened their mouth to say strange things will have to “praise” me.  Who said purpose came with an easy pathway? To me that’s the roughest road one can tarry but the rough is most necessary.

The bad talking, the backbiting, the wrong judging, the ill treating. Very hard right? …… But very necessary. I can assure you when the glory of God is revealed in your life, you too will look back at those things and say thank you Jesus for the processes. For the burning, the squeezing, the pruning for it was meant to build me into this golden vessel of honour. Don’t allow hurt to tamper with purpose. Let the necessary take its course. It is your mandate to focus on the things God has called you to do. I know, I know……. It is easier said than done but it can be done when your focus is directly on God and his word. It takes training for the mind but meditate on things above and not under. There you will see how easy it becomes as you fight off the negativity with the word of God.

Again, do not let hurts stop purpose. Focus on who God says you are, for mans words will fall by the way side but the word of God will prevail. ALWAYS.


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