The Power of PE.

What is PE? Physical Education? Well, that is a correct answer but in this blog PE defines “Patient Endurance”.

Hebrews 6:15 KJV – And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.


The “he” in verse 15 speaks of Abraham. It says after he patiently endured, he received the promise. If you know the story of Abraham, I am sure you will be able to recollect that God promised him a grand blessing. However, judging from the verse we are able to see that the blessing took some time for Abraham to access. He had some tarrying to do before he “obtained the promise”. Abraham, being human just like us must have thought it fit to give up when time passed and he saw no realization of Gods promise. If I was in that position, I’ll be honest and say, God would have been questioned heavily. Actually I did in my times of waiting (which I am still in by the way). Abraham however endured but not just endured but patiently.

To be patient means to wait. Most of us can endure. I am enduring but I had many tantrums along the way. My endurance did not come with much patience in the beginning. It was learnt but sweet ole Abraham was a man of faith and this caused him to patiently endure. Yes! I am sure the flesh reared its head sometimes but it never overpowered him because he believed what God said. He knew that God is one who cannot lie and thus endurance became easy.

What did God promise you? How long ago did he do it? You know those prophetic words spoken by the Holy Spirit to you (directly) or through a servant of God, how long ago was that? Where are the signs of its fruition? The answer is,  only God knows. I always say that the “expected end” God promised was never according to our timing. Yes it is expected but always according to his time piece.

Just like Abraham I admonish you (and I) to patiently endure. For in doing so, we will one day obtain our heavenly promise. Do not try to pave the way to your destiny. Faith will do that for you, you just have to believe what God said he will do and stay focus on purpose. Those are the words (paraphrased) of Dr. Juanita Bynum and they are so dynamic and true. Let patience have its perfect work (the words of God). We are not to murmur or complain when things seem opposite to what God said. If he said it, then it is already done. There is a great victory that comes with PE.

Join the club. Let’s PE together, knowing that one day soon we will obtain our promise.


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