Pillow Talk: Not All Open Doors are Meant for Entry.

It’s been a while since I’ve pillow talked with you all but with this recent encounter I had, nothing seemed more befitting, than for me to open your eyes to some UV light that Ray Bans should be left off for.


In a month or so, I will be “celebrating” my anniversary of not having a formal job. In October of last year, God placed me in a place I never imagined myself to be but the lessons learnt were and have been great. Though I initially despised it, each day I am seeing more and more value to my God-given location. In being at this place, one of the things I wanted to establish became a reality. “Having my own business”. It started off at the end of last year and I was elated, though it is my belief that I gave birth to an embryo. One in which God is incubating and taking care of beautifully. However, in my desire to see this dream blossom, a door was opened with just what I wanted and I was willing and ready to walk through. Especially because of the person from whom it came. ” I was always there for her (which I forgot but she reminded me of) and now she was pouring back into my “bussom”….. Or so I thought.

Though I felt it in my spirit that something was not right with this ” gift”, I branded the thoughts as suspicions and viewed it as a blessing. What a fool was I for such? Today the reality revealed itself and the cup which was meant to be tilted was held at ransom, taking from me what was “meant” to be given.

SIDE NOTE: What is for me by God CANNOT be taken. (The same goes for you).

The manner in which it was done tested not only faith but my behavior. In the initial stage, everything in me wanted to expatiate with much verbal abuse on the party involved, which would have housed reproach also BUT the Holy Spirit was a strong man today. Thank you Jesus. I withheld the tongue lashing and simply said (after much mental war), Father I leave her into your hands.

As I laid on my bed tonight, this truth was revealed to me. Not because a door opens with what we want means that it is opened by God. The devil can open doors to. The very same God can but with an evil and unclean twist. Yes! He has no new tricks but takes the truth / light and simply twist it. It now beats me that, the day before this “blessing” was offered to me, I sat and wrote out the things I wanted for the business and seeing it the very next day had me thinking it was God(doing my praise break), when the reality is, IT WAS NOT.

This helped me reaffirm that eyes of discernment are so vital for spiritual survival (expressed physically also). The enemy sometimes knows the things we pray for (when we open our mouths) and attacks it from the very seed. Which is what he was trying to do with my business. I am not even in the zone of having a “walk-in” store but there he was/ is trying to destroy the baby.

It is with this experience I implore you to be watchful and prayerful. Asking God for eyes of discernment. Also, do not ignore if you may feel an uneasiness in your spirit like I did. Pushing it aside can actually help keep ungodly doors open because not all doors open are meant to enter. Allow the Holy Spirit to take to take full control as he will rightly guide you to every God-open door.


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