Pillow Talk: Kindhearted Women


As we approach Mothers Day I thought it would be befitting to remind us all about the kindhearted women around us. Some of them may not be out biological mothers or even grandmothers but I am sure that we can all recall someone (mother figure) who have shared light in our lives. Do enjoy this piece, which is a call to remember and be thankful for the kindhearted women in our lives.


One of the profoundest influences on my life from ages 1 to 14 was my grandmother. She went straight to work after seventh grade, never attended high school, never drove a car. She never made the newspapers or a “Who’s Who” listing in her city. But she was a shining light in my life. She had time to play with me and listen to my childish chatter. She made me feel important.

Gossip magazines and TV shows fawn over the wealthy, their cars and romances and homes and escapades. The celebrity industry, however, while adoring you on your way up will mock you when you fall. Money gets people’s attention but not their affection.

“A kindhearted woman gains respect, but ruthless men gain only wealth” (Proverbs 11:16). Do you have any kindhearted women in your life? Women who spent time with you when you were small, praised and encouraged you on the way up, and made you feel important?

Here’s a task for you today. Right now! List five kindhearted women who have encouraged and built you up. Are any still alive? How soon can you thank them?

Be thankful.  Be grateful. Arise


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