Daily Digest: Children of the Lord


In this verse, John uses the terms “beloved” and “children of God” to communicate how much God loves us. You see, in order to call something yours, you have to really, really love it—especially a person.

When we truly grasp the immense love God has for us, that’s when we’ll be able to rest in His peace even when we don’t know for certain what is coming next in our lives. Our knowledge of who God is and how much He loves us allows us to trust in Him, even when we don’t have all the answers.

People have become increasingly impatient in wanting to know how something will turn out. This impatience is exacerbated by the ability we have to get vast amounts of information within a few seconds by just a handful of clicks. But faith doesn’t operate like this. It isn’t instantaneous. It’s something that needs to be walked out day by day, and it grows through our experiences.

The world desperately needs to see the connection we have with God. When others see the trust and faith we have in something greater than ourselves, it opens up an opportunity for us to invite others to this same faith. When that is missing, the world misses out on God.

So, no matter what God has us waiting for, in that wait, we should always strive to grow in our faith, trust in Him, and be like Christ. When we commit to follow Jesus, we become children of God. When we become children of God, we should act like it so those looking on will also want to become people of faith.

DIG: What does being a child of God look like to you?
DISCOVER: What are you waiting on God to reveal to you in your life? Are you trusting in Him while you wait?
DISPLAY: Show others the faith and trust you have in God as you strive to be like Him


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