Daily Digest: Beautiful Redemption

LUK 1:68 KJV – Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people,


This is a verse that can easily be overlooked through our familiarity with the concept. We talk a lot about Jesus’ willingness to be born as a helpless baby, grow up in relative obscurity, and then suffer a humiliating death as payment for our sin. This verse is an opportunity to consider afresh exactly what it means when Christ came as Himself to redeem us.

Think about this. When we’re sick with the flu, if certain people ring our doorbell, we’d probably turn off the lights and pull down the curtains so they would just leave. Bed-head, bleary eyes, running nose, and wheezing words just isn’t the way we want to be seen by others. There is vulnerability in our wretched state that we’re just not comfortable sharing.

Thankfully, there are others whom we welcome regardless of what condition we’re in. For them, we fling open the door of our house, our family, and even our hearts. We can’t wait until they come to visit because we trust their acceptance and are confident of their love for us.

When we first realized our total depravity in the face of God’s holiness, and our inability to be good enough, most of us felt we had little choice but to open the door to Christ. On the other side of the door was healing, forgiveness, and the promise of a fresh start in the person of Jesus. We surrendered our lives and felt the incredible joy of being completely known, loved, and accepted.

Will you invite Christ into whatever “mess” you have, confident in His love and trusting in His acceptance or will you allow your shame to keep Him at arm’s length?
Take comfort in the truth of this verse and what it reveals about God. Christ visited us in our brokenness and has not only redeemed us, but also declared us as His people. What a beautiful reminder! We can trust in God’s extravagant, inconvenient love for us no matter what.

DIG: Is there an area of your life that you think is too broken or where you are too ashamed to be visited by God and experience His redemption?
DISCOVER: In what ways does your relationship with God daily reflect that He has chosen and redeemed you?
DISPLAY: Take time to examine your life in light of today’s truth. Ask God for the courage to break down the walls that have kept Him out and to give you the strength to accept His redemption.

– Interconnected


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