Daily Digest: A Parents Prayer


After having an affair with Bathsheba and orchestrating the death of her husband, David thought he had “gotten away with murder.” That is until the prophet Nathan confronted him on his sin and told him his child with Bathsheba would die as a result of his actions. David was broken at the thought, so he pleaded with God for the life of his son day and night.

First, notice “who” David went to. It wasn’t to a counselor for insight, a teacher for wisdom, a doctor for medicine, or even a priest for prayer. He first went to God, our great counselor, physician, and Creator of the universe. Of course God does speak and work through others, but I believe if we always seek help from others instead of God we forfeit the privilege of being able to come boldly before His throne in our time of need.

Next, notice “how” he did it. David fasted and prayed while lying on the ground. This is far from a “please bless this food” kind of prayer. He forwent eating and stayed on his face before God pleading for the life of his child. After my mother came to faith, she committed to fast for me once a week until I came to know the Lord. I was far from God and many thought she was crazy. But our God is in the business of miracles, and He honored her fasts and answered her prayers.

Finally, notice “when” David prayed. He prayed all day and night for seven days, until his child finally passed.

Have you lost hope? Have you given up on God moving in the life of your child? Don’t be discouraged. It took six years of fasting and praying before God answered the cries of my mother, and I finally gave my life to Christ. God’s timing is not our timing, so don’t lose hope when the answer doesn’t come as quickly as you’d like.

Parents, commit today to pray to God for our kids like David prayed for his son, fervently and without ceasing.

DIG: What are three things that distinguished David’s prayer for his son?
DISCOVER: What can you take from David’s example and apply to your own prayers for your kids?
DISPLAY: Would you be willing to pray for them like David did, or even fast for your children?

– Interconnected


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