Take Care of Your Own Soul

Isn’t it amazing how our crazy fast-paced lifestyle can often cause us to lose focus on what’s really important? The pace at which we run from one activity to the next is simply unsustainable, and eventually affects the way we do relationships and family. I’ve learned this the hard way in my own parenting, yet I am grateful that God’s Word instructs me on a better way to do life—even in a hurried world.


So when was the last time you slowed down long enough to reflect on all the amazing things God has done for you? If you’re like me, those moments of appreciation can often become few and far between.

Deu.4.9. NLT – “But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren.

In giving the nation of Israel His divine direction, God challenges them to be intentional about taking care of their own soul. In the above verse, the commandment is clear: care for your own heart so that you can then bless the hearts of others. If our busyness has infected our own heart, our cluttered lives will be in no condition to bless those around us. The result of a cluttered heart is a forgetful mind. When we haven’t first taken care of our own spiritual health, it results in us forgetting who God is and all He is done for us. That forgetful condition then robs us of the joy of passing along a prevailing faith to our children.

All moms and dads want the very best for their children, but if they don’t take care of their own spiritual health and the well-being of their soul, they can never offer their kids the parental guidance and wisdom they desperately need. As parents, it’s imperative that we take the necessary time to feed our soul and refresh our spirit, maintaining a close connection with God.

My hope is that you would take time to reflect on all God’s done for you. Allow Him the opportunity to remind you who He is and what He’s done on your behalf. Then from the fullness of your own heart, share God’s abundant blessings with others.

DIG: What does it mean for you to “take care of your own soul”? How can you do this?
DISCOVER: What might be keeping you from maintaining a close connection with God and remembering His blessings?
DISPLAY: Find a time today to share with your family (or a friend) something special God has done for you.

– Interconnected


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