Daily Digest: Every Day, All The Time


After forty years of ministry to the Israelites, it’s time for Moses to go be with the Lord. God gives Moses some final instructions, which Moses then shares with the people. He gives commandments and promises, and He reminds them of the miraculous things God did in their midst. It’s here that we find this verse instructing the Israelites to “teach them to your children” every day, all the time.

Deu.11.19.kjv – And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

That’s a tall order and maybe a bit of a challenge to think about. But there isn’t any sphere of our lives that can’t be seen through the lens of Scripture and God’s providence. Living this verse out involves more than saying prayers before meals or reciting Scripture with our children. It’s more than teaching them the Ten Commandments. It’s about looking for ways to integrate the truths, commandments, and promises of God into daily life. Here are some ideas:

When in the car on the way to and from school, turn off the radio, pray and discuss with your kids about what God is doing in their lives. When viewing a sunset or a beautiful landscape, you can point out how the wonders of nature proclaim the glory of the Lord. When it rains, you have an opportunity to talk about God’s providence in watering the plants and teach them how He provides for us. When your kids face disappointment, you can draw upon wonderful illustrations of the faithfulness of God both in Scripture and in your own lives. Everything is a teachable moment. There’s always an opportunity to disciple.

Just as Moses was the bearer of the Word of God to the Israelites, Jesus Christ is the very Word of God to us. He is our teacher, our deliverer, and our mediator. He has done dramatic and memorable works in our lives. We are to teach these truths to our children when at home, traveling, going to bed, and waking up. We are to constantly remind them of what Christ instructs, what He has done in our lives, and what He promises. We are called to do this every day, all the time.

DIG: What promises and commands has God reminded you of in recent weeks?
DISCOVER: In what ways have you passed these truths on to your children?
DISPLAY: Make a point to share with your child some of the amazing things you have seen God do.

– Interconnected


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