The Morning

After having a not so splendid night, the day started off pretty rough. My schooling requires me to travel to the other side of the country from where I live and in this school season, it’s imperative that I leave in the early hours of the morning. This means that the mornings would be cold. Travelling with a bus would be more economic for me as well as comfortable but that too would be cold. So I prepared myself for the occasion, placing my scarf through my handbag strap as I always do.


While in a taxi on my way to the bus terminal, something didn’t feel right. Where was my scarf? I started searching frantically, not that there were much places to look; it was not there. My scarf was lost. My heart literally sank because all I thought was, how would I face this cold morning, the cold bus and my cold classroom. Oh and I forgot to mention that it was my FAVOURITE scarf. I didn’t look in a mirror but I felt the change on my countenance. This is quite not a nice morning……. or is it?

I had to sum of the strength to say, even though everything seems to be going wrong, I still have live and it’s something to give thanks for. My scarf is gone but my body is still in tact to feel coldness while others are cold – dead.

What am I writing all this to say?
Simply this, as tough as a situation may be,  we have the power to say, I will accept a fallon persona today or not. Yes, some challenges would be more severe than others but the principle still applies. Instead of drowning yourself in sorrow,  why not look on the brighter side of things. It actually helps your brain to relax and sometimes create solutions.

Did you loose something or someone special? Try the reverse of what you are feeling and thinking. Try seeing a blessing in disguise. I can first handedly say it won’t be easy because even as I write, my mind still wants to wander back on the scarf and how rough the day has started but with much starvation,  the negativity will die. This pushes me to leave this quote with you,


Have a good day family and remember, our mind is the battlefield. Therefore we must make every attempt coupled off with an intense yet simple prayer, to overcome.

I now make my way to school in a cold bus with a smile.



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