Inside Love



Often quoted but I wonder if fully understood. It’s lies in simplicity yet can be a difficulty for some. Throughout the word of God,  we see that love is an important factor to a true life in Christ.  Love for God, firstly,  then love for others but AS WE LOVE OURSELVES.

Some would say they are in the deepest measures of love with themselves, yet speak from a place of hate towards a brother or sister. According to the word of God, that is quite impossible. Yes, you can be angry with someone but HATE, that’s different. This brings the matter right back to you. What do you feel about yourself? Are you truly in love with who you are? Which leads a little deeper. Do you know who you are? An answer such as, “I am a doctor ” would be quite erroneous because that is not who you are but what you do. So again, I pose the question. Do you know who you are? (Emphasis added)

We CANNOT love others if we don’t love ourself. This principle is extended over all facet of relationships. It just cannot be done. Be thoroughly informed (through the word of God) as I leave you to ponder on this topic. Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday morning.

If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:
James 2:8 KJV



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