The Ditch


I live in ditch
A place made of molten pitch
A place where darkness lerks all around,
No smiling faces for there is nothing to smile about, so I wear a frown.
People looking in from the outside may think,
She is happy, if only I could live in the world she lives in
But if they were to face my inside reality
They may see my life more as a calamity

Why is it that my world is so grim?
I am a Christian, there is suppose to be peace in that world of living
Yet my heart grips me with sadness from day to day
Sometimes I get so weak, I don’t know how to pray.

Who is there to share my story with?
For some Christian people will easily label me and move along with it
Oh God deliver me from this snare
I don’t like this ditch, it’s too dark in here.

Tell me what I need to do to be free from a hole
A hole that leaves me broken and cold
One more day feel likes it’s just too much more
Father please look down from heaven and open up a door.

This is your daughter and I need to hear from you
Forgive me of my sins, make me tried and true
Prepare me to be a sanctuary for you
Because my life is sinking even deeper without you

Please don’t be angry at my constant prayer
It’s just my determination to get out of here
Recreate me and let me be
A living testimony just for thee

I thank you in advance for taking me out of this ditch,
And placing me in a world of joy, more than happiness
Thank you Lord for saving me
For its only in you, I am free.

Now I declare to people everywhere
No more darkness, only light in here
No more snare ,No more hatred
No more angry flares, No more dark living.
No more sorrow, only joy
No more feeling incomplete
For I am yours.

– Candace Cudjoe


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