The Smile


The Smile can fool a lot of people a lot of times.
We see a person supposedly shining and therefore don’t see the need to ask, “Are you okay?”
Deep inside there heart is a hole that continues to expand deep and wide as the pain increases.
This person lives in a world amongst many but is yet alone.
Not a person to TRULY communicate with……….. Yet……… The smile.

The Smile causes many to think, they are strong or they have it altogether,  when the reality is, this person is looking for a mother or father. Someone who can hear them out and intervene. Not someone who will from a distance,  stand and judge them from how they seem. This person may be in need in many aspects of their life BUT because they smile, the world thinks it’s alright.

Then we hear on the news about their suicide and instead of thinking about their smile, we stand, judge and criticize.
Some may ponder on what could have brought this situation about but then forgets about it and join the masses to pout. We can never really know what one is going through because they smile and say pleasant things to you.
Our care for each other should be deeper than the “how de do’s”, because even with a radiant smile, their soul we can loose.

Take it from someone who knows this all too well. Living amongst people but in a world by myself. It’s only the grace of God that takes me through each day. It’s only because I know how to pray. But for the person who may not understand, we have to lend a helping hand. Next time you see a person smile and wave, just for moment, go try to engage. It’s not prying or for any personal gain. It’s to share the love of God all the same.

– Candace Cudjoe


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