Don’t Disturb Meh…….. Na. I’ll Love You

So here am I on work, initially feeling myself. I was happy and ready to function. Then came in a co-worker with a sulky disposition and boy she was “lighting” up the atmosphere with her persona.


Within seconds I felt a negative feeling wanting to consume me. My countenance was screaming, “don’t talk to me”. Trust me I know what my face looked like. Why though? Why was I conformed to this? Honestly I can’t say but it didn’t last long. I stripped myself of my lab coat, hustled to the washroom and prayerfully recalibrated. Oh the joy I felt when walking back to the lab.

It is now a couple hours after this happened and I am please to say, my coworker is in better spirits. She came around.

What am I getting at? Simply, Don’t be swayed by people’s emotions. Sometimes what they need is a little bit of your bubbly spirit to get them through the day. What could have transpired if I communicated with her as grumpy as she was with me. HAVOC. TOTAL MAYHEM. Thank God for his wisdom, I was able to handle this with ease and a pleasant smile. Now things are in order. Don’t let someone’s misery make you miserable. Take charge of the situation and let your gracious behaviour be an example and fall over to others.

I’m out….. Back to work.


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