Daily Digest: Hand It Over


It Starts With Me Handing It Over

When someone hurts us, we often harbor resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness in our heart towards them. If we want to experience freedom and healing from these feelings, then it starts with us handing all of that over to Jesus.

By holding on to something that has happened in the past we feel as though we have control over it and ammunition to use against the other person (or people) involved. True freedom can come for you (and for them) when you choose to hand it over to Jesus. He is the ultimate judge and will bring justice for everyone either at the cross or in eternity.

If you are in Christ, then Jesus has forgiven you of your sins – past, present, and future – and He no longer holds them against you (Hebrews 10:17). As followers and imitators of Christ, we should give people the same grace when they sin against us. This does not mean that we pretend like it didn’t happen. We should use wisdom and discernment, and not provide people an opportunity to repetitively sin against us.

Holding a grudge against someone will only end up hurting and hindering you more. Surrendering your pain and hurt to Jesus will allow you to walk in the freedom that forgiving others makes possible!

• Using your journal, write down names of the person or people who you are harboring unforgiveness toward. Are there any issues or past events that you have not dealt with? Write them down.

• If it’s appropriate, talk to the people on this list – offer them your forgiveness and ask them to forgive you for the grudge you’ve held.

Hand your unforgiveness over to Jesus, don’t hold on to it! Trust Jesus to bring justice to the situation, as well as peace and healing to your heart.

Reference Verses
Matthew 11: 25-30
Psalm 55


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