Daily Digest: Know Thy Worth


It Starts With Me Recognizing My Worth

If you are tired of thinking the same ugly thoughts about yourself then know that being confident in who you are (inside and out) starts with you recognizing your worth.

Despite what society and social media tells you, your worth is not determined by how many twitter followers you have, how many pounds you weigh, or what sports team you play for. If we find our worth and identity in temporary things, then our satisfaction and joy will also be temporary. When we recognize our worth in Jesus, our satisfaction and joy is infinite because Jesus too is infinite.

Because Jesus paid the highest price for us, we no longer need to find worth in dating, appearance, popularity, or personality because we already have worth in Jesus. If you are struggling with insecurities, or are constantly striving to be more, weigh less, and do better so that you feel better about yourself, then you might not have recognized your worth in Jesus yet – or you may just need a reminder!

• What temporary thing(s) have you been finding your worth in instead of Jesus? Identify them by making a list and ask Jesus to help you see that your worth is in Him and not in these things.

Ultimately, wherever you get your worth from is what you are building your life on. If you want to build your life upon Jesus – the solid rock – then start by recognizing your worth is in Him. You can do this by paying more attention to what the Word of God says about you than what the world says about you.

• Copy Romans 12:2 down in your journal and write down some practical ways that you can apply this verse to your life starting today!

Reference Verses
– 1 Corinthians 6: 19 – 20
– Matthew 7: 24 – 27
– Romans 12:2


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