Thinking Out Loud


Where would it take me? No one has the answer  to that question but myself, for it is only I who knows exactly how my life is being lived. This question is applicable to many facets of life but this morning I choose to touch on one a particular aspect.

The life I lead, where it is leading me? To heaven or hell? Closer to God or further away? To depression or to peace? To solutions or more problems? Again, these I do have answers for and what follows is my approach to their answers. Should my answers be positive (bless the Lord) and I will continue to build my relationship with Christ. However, should it be negative (hmmm), then I got some work to do. Sounds like a lot  but it’s actually simple .  I have to make up my mind to surrender all and do things that will build me spiritually. Just as we need daily physical food, likewise the spiritual.

Many says, “as I look at things in the world today, I can see signs of the time, Jesus is coming soon, get your life right” and (yes this is true) but my friend, we should be bent on getting our lives right even if the world was a better place. It should not be eye-servant service but relentless service because of who he (God) is.

I can tell you from my life experience, God really did a work in me. Facebook recently started sharing memories post and when I saw some of those memories, I had to say thank you Father for saving me.  A few years ago my life was messed up but today I stand with my feet in a different place. Though this is so, there is downside to which I have noticed many persons are struggling with. It’s called, “the busyness of life”.

The more we do, is the more we seem to find to do and the less we find time to pray or read the word. After a long day at work, we may have other group commitments or even a family to care of. Pick the kids up from school, go to meetings, then the grocery store, hustle home, prepare for the next day, maybe wash clothes…… should I go on? By the time we lay down, before we can say God, we are knocked out. The constant flow of this occurrence, leaves one weak. Easy target for the enemy. Easy phase to sin (in some cases fall away from God entirely ) which ultimately leads to hell. It’s funny that the road to hell starts with subtle set backs. Things we don’t even notice. It’s seems harder to do right and effortless to do wrong.

I am just thinking out loud as I measure the priorities in my life. We can get so caught up, we forget the one who gave us the ability to be “caught up”. Be admonished just as I am to MAKE TIME FOR GOD. He daily makes time for us (eg. by provision of oxygen ). Make him the center of your life. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. That’s the word. God loves when we worship and revere him. A plea to all (myself included ), make time for God. He is waiting on us.

There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death.
Proverbs 14:12 AMP


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