Daily Digest: The Good Wife


Have you ever wondered if everything in the Bible is true? I’m fairly certain there are some disgruntled husbands who read this verse and doubt the reliability of God’s Word. “A wife is a good thing? Are you sure?” they might ask.

While this proverb doesn’t say, “He who finds a good wife finds a good thing,” it is clearly implied—or presupposed—based on the greater context of the Book of Proverbs. In fact, the book contains many proverbs that speak to the value and benefits of finding a good wife (Proverbs 12:4; 14:1; 19:14; 31:10–12). Proverbs also warns of the dangers and potential consequences of marrying a bad or foolish wife. Solomon describes a “disgraceful wife” as decay in her husband’s bones (Proverbs 12:4) and “the dripping of a leaky roof in a rainstorm” (Proverbs 27:15).

But what is a good wife? Well, a good wife is a woman of wisdom, one who fears the Lord and seeks Him with all her heart. The implication in the original language is that the wife in question is one who earns the good adjective. She is virtuous, full of grace, and passionate about the things of God. It’s this dedication to the Lord and understanding of who she is in Him that allows her to function as a helpful companion and partner to her husband.

A good wife is a great blessing to her husband, a blessing from the Lord. She is a true partner who completes her husband as Eve did Adam—we’re talking “flesh of my flesh” and “bone of my bone” completion! Husband, honor your wife by loving her like Jesus does! Wife, keep running the race with perseverance. A wise husband and a good wife will thrive in their God-given roles and function together as the one-flesh team they were created to be.

DIG: Are you honoring your spouse by seeking God first in your own life and functioning within the role God designed for you?
DISCOVER: In what ways does your spouse fulfill the call God gave him or her as your partner and companion? How can you empower your spouse to continue to grow in that role? What can you do to continue to grow as one flesh?
DISPLAY: Take time today to pray for your spouse and honor him or her. Ask God to reveal areas that need growth and attention in your relationship.

– Interconnected


Interview with Sonia Johnson – Gods Care Bags

As the world is evolving from a place of peace to increasing fury, not only in violence but in poverty, man’s lack of faith and a great falling away in zeal and desire to get spiritually grounded, prayer is becoming more and more necessary. It’s funny that I have to say necessary, when we were instructed in 1 Thessalonians 5: 17 –  Pray without ceasing or as the NIV has it, pray continually. It is a sad reality that God has become the furthest thing from man’s mind and have been replaced with fame, vanity, gold, money and the list of materialistic things goes on. However, God continues to fine innovative ways to reach out to people and is using his faithful servants to do so. One such servant is Sonia Johnson. I was introduced to Sonia through a dear friend of mine who happens to be her daughter and was amazed in the way which God showed up and showed off in her life. What was more amazing, is that, Sonia operating in the footsteps of Christ, saw the need to share her once solution with you (the world). Sonia Johnson is now the owner of Gods Care Bags. An idea, movement and business, I highly endorse. I’m now going to take you for a stroll with Sonia Johnson of Gods Care Bags. Enjoy the ride.

263787_545484375472538_1355257003_nSo Sonia tell us who Gods Care Bags Is.

“God’s Care Bag is a tool used to promote prayer all over the world and it helps you to keep track of answered prayers. GCB also helps you to grow closer to God and allows you the opportunity to build your prayer life and a relationship with God. The bags comes with a hand-sized notepad for you to write your prayer requests (needs & concerns), the date of request and hopefully the date in which your prayers were answered. Once you have written your prayer request down (it’s something about writing your request down) and dated it, you then cast your request into the bag and have faith, believing God hears and will answer your prayer. As you see the power of your prayers being manifested, this simple bag can change your life by increasing your faith as you check off prayer requests that have been answered.  God’s Care Bag applies to anyone who is old enough to pray” 

After the test, comes a testimony and in your (Sonia) case a drive to declare that God is real through merchandising. Lets dive into your inspiration.

“The scripture 1 Peter 5:7- Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you inspired the God’s Care Bag idea. It was back in July of 2010 when I was at one of my lowest points in life. I was without a job and my unemployment benefits had just about ran out.  That’s when I found myself in my grandson’s room at his computer talking to God about my needs and I heard God’s still small voice say, “cast your care upon me; for I care for you.”  In a childlike voice, I asked God, “How do I cast my care upon you because I don’t know how to do that?” This is when I was led to a pack of brown paper bags that I had placed in a cabinet above the refrigerator years prior. God then led me to write down my cares (prayer request) one by one and cast them into the brown paper bag- by the fourth day from when I had first made the request; I received a call from an ex coworker informing me that my former manager from a previous job had a position open and was looking to fill it and the job was mines if I wanted it. I did not even applied for this job”.



God is a God of purpose and so in operating through his people, the purpose would always be emanated. What is the purpose and desire for GCB?

“I see the need for God’s Care Bags because I see people hurting.  I see a people, a generation and nations who have lost their faith, hope, trust and belief in God. There is chaos, destruction and crime that’s going on all over the world and we need prayer everywhere and God’s Care Bag is a token, a reminder for us to pray.  After all, prayer does change things. I hope to get people (God’s people) all over the world back into a position of prayer because 2 Chronicles 7:14 states “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  This is what I want to see as a result of God’s Care Bags- a healed land”. 

I believe people would love to invest in such a powerful idea. How can we do so?

The bags cost $4.00 plus a $1.00 for shipping and delivery and comes into different sizes. The logo bag is 5¼ x 3½ x 8¼ – Brown paper bag with GCB Logo (widen cross with bandages all over the cross and above the top of the cross are the words God’s Care Bag). All other bags are 6 x 3½ x 11.

And if you are thinking about durability of the bags, this is what Sonia had to say:

I would like for everyone to focus more on the concept or the idea of the bag rather than the durability of the bag.

(Well said Sonia.)

Sonia Johnson could not end on a better note than sharing a word of advice for all the persons who has a desire to establish their own business. 

“Just start! Don’t wait for your finances to get better.  Don’t wait for your baby to start school or for your child to finish school. Don’t wait for the time to get just right because the time is never going to get just right for you to start your business. I once read this somewhere years ago and it stuck with me;  the richest place on the face of the earth is the graveyard where people died with their dreams still inside. I assume they were waiting for the time to get just right for them to follow their dreams, goals and visions but I guess for them that time never came. The last bit of advice I would like to leave you with is to order your God’s Care Bag- write down the vision for your business, cast it into God’s Care Bag and believe God to bring it to fruition- now this is a great place to start!

God’s Bountiful Blessings from GCB

Thank you so much Sonia for inspiring us not only to dream but to bring our dream to live through Christ. Most of all, thank you for your contribution to the body of Christ through Gods Care Bags. I beckon all of you to go get your set of Gods Care Bags today. This might be the most life changing bag you ever encountered. Get some for you, your friends and family. Bless GCB and become a blessing for others. Ready to contact GCB. Look no further. All the information, you would need is below. So get down to dialling, liking, following and emailing. GO GET YOUR GODS CARE BAGS. I know I am.  

Website: www.godscarebags.com

Facebook: sonia@godscarebags.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GodsCareBags

Email: godscarebag@yahoo.com

Phone#: 214-329-2281