Pillow Talk: Time


She kept on playing hide and seek with Him like the sun with the clouds.
She kept on telling Him, wait on me,I will come right back, and He kept on telling her, I will stay with you as long as you stay with me.
She kept on living her life just the way she wanted;Chasing all the riches of this world.
She had everything she could humanly acquire; the iPhones, the Ferrari’s, the Bugatti’s,the trasacco mansions…you name the rest.
She took everything for granted for money was not a problem.
She had people around her but still wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high over hills.
She had everything yet nothing.
She moved freely and cared less forgetting she had Someone waiting on her.
One thing she forgot was that; time waits on no man.
Maybe she though she could live forever for money could buy all she needed.
Her days were numbered.
And as the clock ticked, the dark clouds covered the sun and the moon and stars resumed duty.
Time was running out.
She thought she owned everything so everything was misused by her including herself.
Never did she think about the fact that the thief never sends a notice before visiting your house.
She was caught unaware without any plans made.
On that day her money could not rescue her.
She had everything but lacked everything.
Time closed up on her and she could do nothing.
She is in forever land craving to return so she can go after what she never had.
But it is too late! no second chance for her!
You still have that chance so grab that opportunity while it lasts, for as it is said opportunity comes knocking at your door but just once.
Vanity is the gains of this world,He is all you need.
Christ is all we need, for life without Christ is Crises.


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Sometimes I Don’t Understand God

This morning I found myself being angry with God. Angry to the point where a friend sent me a message of encouragement and in my mind I thought, “I don’t want to hear nothing”. I just wanted to be angry and vent because I just can’t understand God sometimes. However there is that part of me that wants to, so I go digging and came across this beautiful poem that is helping to put my mind at ease. I am not there yet but I am trying my best to let God take over and flesh get out of  the way. I’ll Hold On by Tamela Mann is also soothing me a bit. God Help me!


I don’t understand God sometimes
In fact he almost fools me
Confuses me
Fakes me
Freaks me
Turns me around to the point where
I have no clue which way is up
I don’t understand God sometimes
I don’t get why babies die
From lack of love
And people die
from lack of rain
or from too much of it
I don’t understand why pastors get sick
Or parents die in plane crashes
Or why I can’t seem to beat the pretzel level on Mrs. PacMan
God, I just don’t understand you sometimes

But then there are the quiet times
When rain sings on old leaves
Or geese paint v’s across the clouds
Or the night sky comes out dressed in stars
And I hear you whispering softly to me
I don’t understand you sometimes God,
But there are the happy times,
The worship times,
When you are closer to me than even I am to me
And I hear your voice mingled with mine
When I see worship-joy in student eyes
And I hear truth-words fall from young mouths

I don’t understand you sometimes God,
But then there are the hard times
When it seems like all the world has run away
Or it all is chasing me
Times when the ones that said that they
Liked me
Loved me
Cared for me
Hurt me
And tore open my heart
And I was left feeling lost
And exposed
And most especially

Until I felt your presence with me
Beside me
Comforting me
Completing me
And I don’t understand you God,
But I know you were there.
I don’t understand you God,
Your ways are not my ways
But I don’t have to understand you to know
that you are God
And I am loved
And that’s enough

Be Ready For “The Sudden” Of Life

I lost a twenty four year old friend this weekend and in the midst of the heat everyone was amazed at the sudden turn to life. No one understood and was not ready for such an incident. They even said he was not ready. God then inspired this to me. Having a chance to reflect on life made me realize that I am only ready for all things in Christ. Not that I won’t be shocked by sudden events but I would have an assurance, strength and my hope would be anchored in Christ. I know that if I am to die, I will be ready to receive my crown, laid up in glory for me. This poem is dedicated to my friend, as well as to open the eyes of man. If you do not know Christ as your saviour and friend and has a relationship with him, then you won’t be ready for the sudden (death) in life. Gird yourself with his word and live in his presence, making yourself ready for any circumstances.

You may ask, “How can I be ready?”

Doesn’t sudden mean happening without warning?; without a sign?

The happening of something, not in my mind?

Isn’t sudden suppose to shock me out of my wits?

Then I would ask, What brought about this?

For sudden I can’t be prepared.

That would change the meaning of the word in my head

Sudden is suppose to knock me down. Turn my smile into a frown.


Ever since I was a little girl, Sudden is sure to shock everybody’s world.

So then, how now, am I to read,  A “being ready” for sudden plead

There is no way and no how, man will ever be organized for a sudden bomb.

Unless…….. wait……. unless…….. Yes!

It just hit me,I must confess.

There is an answer for this mess.


Once you’re on this avenue,

You’ll be ready when it happens to you.

Confused to what this may be?

There’s no way as far as your eyes can see

But the answer is a simple treat.

Let Christ be the driver of your taxi.

Once in Christ, I will say

When death knocks your door, it will be OK.

Only because that’s not your final price

But you will have eternal life.

So, there is a way to be ready for sudden

Living in Christ will prepare you ready for all that happens.

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The Right Thing; The Wrong Feeling

My pains hook me, Arching my back because I am weak

I keep stumbling every time I walk because my feet are too weak

My head is like a highway, Busy and wild

It’s in time like this, I wish I was a little child


Is this what adulthood  feels like?

Do every adult go through this plight

The reality of the situation has taken its effect

Bringing about a decision that may cause deepest regret


Laden with load, my heart dips to the ground

Maybe this is how Jesus felt when he was wearing that crown

The feeling of nails piercing through my heart

Sitting in tears because of fear which I want to depart


All in all the decision was made and it is right

So why am I feeling so wrong, why is my heart so heavy and tight

I know that God would be pleased with me

After all, it should be all about him and less of me.


How could doing the right be so hard

Giving me a pain that I never had

It’s simply a mystery  and you maybe agreeing

That, with the heart involved, doing the right thing, gives the wrong feeling.


Arise Woman – The poem

I got these words in my spirit when I felt like I was suffocating to get The Ladies Corner started and where I really want it to be. I know it was God who spoke to me. Sometimes we want something so bad, we don’t have patience and wish it can shoot of with haste. My mom always said though, “Hurry birds build messesd up nest” and I needed to remember this. So God said to be still. Be still and watch me work. This poem was inspired by my internal struggles but I know I am not the only one struggling. So to you who feels faint heart-ed and tired. God is saying be still. (Psalm 46:10). Trust him and know his timing is the best timing. Feeling down is okay. Staying down is not. Arise and face the day.

I pour my heart and soul out,

Only to hear the shout.

Without a shadow of a doubt,

people don’t accept but hit me a clout.

I do this not only for me but for you,

All the same, negligence is easier for you to do.

I write to increase your power,

You read it and then push me lower.

The rhythm in my soul is loosing it’s pwisan beat,

I am finding it difficult to compete.

What is so hard about self-love?

Nothing should be, since it was created above

Then I heard a great voice say, Arise woman,

You are loosing your vision.

When you do, don’t do for praise or acceptance,

Just do, knowing there will be a great revelation.

The power in your words can shake mountains

I the Lord God lives in you and creates a fountain

A fountain of life that will overflow throughout the earth,

Be still and watch me give birth; Birth to your greater worth.

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