Pillow Talk: Love and Money


Love is better than money

Loving money and loving people are actually diametrically opposite forces. If you love money, basically you are just loving yourself, because you crave the power and pleasures and comforts that money brings. When you love other people, you are actually choosing to spend yourself, your energy and time, to make someone else’s life better. You are giving rather than taking.

At one time or another we have all believed that acquiring money would bring happiness. It never does. The opposite is true: “Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred” (Proverbs 15:17). You will find the greatest satisfactions in your life in the ways in which you have served other people’s needs. It’s as though they have the keys to your happiness.

When we spend our first energy tending our relationships, including our relationship with God, all of our needs will be met. If you spend your life chasing money, you will end up with nothing. There are no checkbooks in coffins. But you can take the people with you to heaven.

In Christ, love can survive the grave.

Reference Verse
– Proverbs 15:17


Daily Digest : The Journey of Forgiveness


It Starts With Me Apologizing First

As Christians, we are called to live in unity and in peace. However, this is not always an easy task. Your best friend will talk about you behind your back, he may steal that girl that you were talking to, and your friends may not invite you to that party. Instead of turning on our friends and holding grudges against the people that anger us the most, we are actually told to love and forgive these people.

Matthew 5:22 says that in God’s eyes being angry with someone in our hearts is the same as murdering them. By remaining angry towards someone, we give Satan a way to creep into our lives. Anger can steal our joy, take away our fun and steal our opportunities.

How can we fight to not be angry towards others? By apologizing first. Take the first step in experiencing more joy by being the first to apologize. When that one person is still causing you to be angry, you are just as much in the wrong if you continue to go to bed angry with them (Ephesians 4:26). No matter what they have done to you, they deserve your apology for staying mad at them.

• Is there anyone in your life that you need to apologize to?

• Talk to that person today. Do not go to bed without apologizing to them and talking about why you have been angry.

Just as we did nothing to deserve the forgiveness that God offers to us, our friends deserve the same forgiveness from us.

Reference Verses
– Ephesians 4 :25 – 27
– Matthew 5: 21-26


Daily Digest: Anger Management


The Bible doesn’t tell us that we shouldn’t feel angry, but it points out that it is important to handle our anger properly. If vented thoughtlessly, anger can hurt others and destroy relationships. If bottled up inside, it can cause us to become bitter and destroy us from within. Paul tells us to deal with our anger immediately in a way that builds relationships rather than destroys them. If we nurse our anger, we will give Satan an opportunity to divide us. Are you angry with someone right now? What can you do to resolve your differences? Don’t let the day end before you begin to work on mending your relationship.

Eph.4.26-27.kjv Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:  Neither give place to the devil.

Father thank you for allowing me to see this beautiful morning. I pray that you open my heart Lord and remove all the anger, hate, resentment, malice and negativity towards people. Help me to love me, so that I will be able to love my neighbour as myself. I thank you for teaching me true love. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So TODAY, I forgive those persons who hurt me and pray for your peace in my heart, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Pillow Talk: It Starts With Me Setting Boundaries


Let’s commit to set physical boundaries long before we get into a relationship. By knowing where you stand and what God has called you to do, you’ll be stronger and less likely to give into temptation when it comes.

It’s easy to decide you want to commit to purity. It’s way harder to follow through. Ambiguity is one of the leading causes of moral failure – you don’t make the right decision because you haven’t decided what the right decision is! A lot of us don’t take the time to process how we feel or what God has told us is within His will for us physically. It’s no wonder that when we’re in tempting situations, we cave.

Without knowing your own boundaries, it’s easy to blame the other person for ‘pushing your boundaries’ or ‘doing more than you would have wanted.’ Instead of making excuses, it’s time to own your purity. Decide how God wants you to live and be bold! Share your thoughts with your boyfriend or girlfriend early on and build accountability within your relationship, as well as with other trusted friends. Don’t wait until you’ve gone too far and feel guilty to determine your boundaries. Don’t wait until you hit the other person’s boundaries. Take initiative to protect both your purity and your significant other’s purity. Your relationship with Jesus and your ability to hear His voice will grow stronger when you realize that purity starts with you.

• Spend some time listing out 5-10 physical boundaries that you need to have. These need to be as honest and specific as possible. For example, we should not hang out in each other’s bedrooms alone.

• Pray that Jesus would give you a heart for purity and that you would truly desire to live your life His way and enjoy obeying Him.

• Tell someone about your physical boundaries. This forces you to be honest with yourself, and holds you to a higher level of accountability.

1 Corinthians 6: 12 – 20
Titus  2: 11 – 14

– It Starts With Me


Pillow Talk: It Starts With Me Loving Jesus First


You don’t get to have a godly relationship without first being godly yourself. Instead of pursuing a relationship, spend your time pursuing Jesus. He’ll take care of the rest.

Even as a middle schooler, you may have thought about eventually getting married. While you probably picture a happy, fun, romantic life as a married man or woman, that doesn’t just happen overnight. It starts with me, and it starts with me loving Jesus more than I could possibly love another human.

Many of us think that we have gaps that can only be filled by our soulmate. The truth is that no matter how “perfect” the person you end up with may be, it still won’t be enough. If you want to have dating relationships that are successful in the eyes of Jesus, you have to seek Him, ask what He wants for you, and listen to what He thinks about dating. It starts with you submitting to Jesus. Only after you’ve gotten to the point where Jesus is your everything will you be whole enough to make a good wife or husband for someone else.

So don’t wait until you’ve met that person that you want to be with. Don’t wait until college is over to be more selective about who you date. Put Jesus first now and trust Him to bring about the right person at the right time. By doing this, you’ll get His best for you and avoid a lot of unnecessary heartache.

• Think about your current relationship(s). Is there anything about them that hurts your relationship with Jesus? What could you do practically to put Jesus first?

• The Bible makes it clear that Jesus’ highest priority for you is to love Him. Do you live like He is your highest priority? Spend time journaling through where you are at in your relationship with Him. He can handle the truth!

– It Starts With Me

Pillow Talk: What’s The Difference?


The Bible encourages us to seek understanding. Read a couple of good books on the differences between men and women and also one on the differences in personalities. If you do, it may prevent thousands of arguments or misunderstandings.

Women offer unsolicited advice and give direction, and men usually don’t take advice very well. The woman thinks she is just trying to help, but the man thinks she doesn’t trust him to make the right decision.

When a woman disagrees with a man, he takes it as disapproval, and it ignites his defenses. Men only want advice after they have done everything they can do. Advice given too soon or too often causes him to lose his sense of power. He may become lazy or insecure.

Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed. Women are motivated when they feel cherished.

Men are visual creatures; once an image is in their head, it’s hard to get it out. Women are more inclined to remember emotions or how something made them feel.

Seek understanding first, then speak.

Pray: Lord, I want to be a woman of wisdom and understanding. Help me comprehend why men are the way they are and how I can improve in my communication and friendships. Amen.

From the book The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright 2011 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

Relationship Talk: Forsaking All Others


“Forsaking all others, keeping myself for you alone . . .” It’s a phrase I’ve heard many couples speak to one another. It not only makes for a great expression and promise at a wedding, but it’s also reiterated a lot in Scripture.

The above passage is extracted from Paul’s qualifications for a leadership role in the church. It’s a call for men to be the husband of one wife. So could there be more than one woman in a man’s life? Absolutely . . . with the top two possibilities being polygamy and adultery. Both polygamy and infidelity were quite common among the first century ranks of Gentile men and are still present in our culture today, even in the church. The phrase ‘husband of one wife’ literally means “a one-wife man.” So, men are called to be faithful and true to one woman.

It’s interesting to note that the call to faithfulness applies to both genders. The expression is used also in describing the qualification of giving benevolent help to wives who were widowed. The expectation was that they should have been “the wife of one man.” What a fitting reminder that both men and women are subject to the same temptations.

With all the targets of temptation out there via television, the Internet, business relationships, and friendship circles, it’s wise to guard our hearts and minds from the pitfall of marital unfaithfulness. Whether it’s the visual doorway or emotional intimacy met by another, the enemy wants to creep in and destroy.

Adultery isn’t the only manner of unfaithfulness, though. The often unacknowledged mistresses of work, hobby, recreation, or an overindulgence of social media can also hurt marriages. My personal challenge is to seek balance in the midst of work and marriage. Sometimes “forsaking all others” means taking a few days off and focusing on our spouse.

So how are you doing with forsaking? Is there a need to talk to a friend and share a struggle? Are there some changes that need to be made or boundaries that need to be rebuilt? Is there a need to cry out to God to keep you from preventing a future fall?

DIG: Is there something that’s come between you and your spouse?
DISCOVER: What are some things you can do to experience a healthy, faithful marriage?
DISPLAY: Today, take time to focus on your spouse and faithfully honor him/her.

– Interconnected