Give Over Yourself Entirely

Most of us in this life wants to be successful but only the ones who give themselves to their dreams/goals are successful. For example, as a singer, how can you excel if you do not continuously do vocal training and voice care practices? You may be able to sing yes and forever will be but unless you dedicate time and effort into learning your voice and perfecting the skills in using it, you will not excel. I am quite sure every recording artiste will agree.

The same goes for every other facet of life. Whether it is academics or not. To succeed, one must give over themselves to the cause. Never think that the person you hold in high esteem, got to what you now admire by playing games or mere luck. It took hard work, dedication, disappointments, set backs and most importantly the desire to win, to get there. 

We live in a fast pace world now and so, even in perfecting something, we expect that it should be the same. But some things will never change and thats one of them. No matter how fast pace the world gets, dedication will always be required to build an empire. A body builder cannot start training today and enter the competition the next day. They will be mocked because what will be presented, would not have been suitable and worthy of such a competition. The same goes for you and I. 

Therefore, I take this time to enlighten or remind you, as I would have already reminded myself, that it takes time and dedication to win and this can only be achieved when we give over ourselves to the craft.

Biblical view: Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership. Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.

I Timothy 4:14‭-‬15 NKJV


How I Was Made

Hello wordpress family? Hope you all have been doing great. Its been a while since I came to this place where I find freedom in self-expression. I guess you can say, it was another hiatus for another major lesson or learning of lessonS in my life.


If some of you may recall, in times past I wrote about overcoming certain challenges. One of which I did say was thoroughly dealt with, only to realize I was at it again. This was the struggle of self image. As for anyone going through a process, I was faced with  “cursing” those demons at random occasions. For a while, all things went well and then it reared its heads again. It wasn’t something I battled with often as until recently. For some weird reason, a lot of the things I thought was dead was brought back to life. For which I take responsibility because that could have only happened if they were fed.

However, I thank God for his word. The word which always and I mean always comes to my (or anyone else in need) aid. As I walked through the busy wet streets of our nations capital, I began to speak to myself (internally that is). My thoughts made me chuckle a bit. You see, I realized that my torment came because of the image I had in my head. For some it may be strange but I am quite sure there will be those who understand. Let me explain.

I am 6″1′ and as was recently described, of an athletic built. My body is more on the lean side but in my head I wanted some thickness but not too much. So I saw my body as “slick”. That’s slim and thick….lol. That however proved to be utter madness because when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see what I had in my head. 😂😂 I just have to laugh but it’s not funny at all.

This kind of thing in the life of a Christian person is no laughing matter. This is exactly what the enemy wants and how he wins in the war of the mind. The word of God says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Everything God made was good and that includes me. I was and I AM good. With my mind on these frivolous matters, how could I have an effective prayer life (emphasis added) or life in general. Yes I prayed, read and communed with God and saw his hand at work in my life. But the true effectiveness ( higher level) of the Christian walk as well as freely progressing in life, could not  have been experienced in a mind that is not sound. A mind that is totally against God’s word. For his word said he gave me a SOUND MIND. My mind however was not sound and that kind of mind keeps one stagnated.

As I made my way back to my place of work, I began to smile because there and then, as I saw my reflection in one of the glass buildings, I said ” This is who I am. This is how I was made. Therefore I will take care of THIS (tall, strong athletic) temple”. It felt good to know that I knew who I was. Or rather to reaffirm it.

There can only be one me and I must fully endorse who I am and who God created me to be. Don’t turn a blind eye to your unique beauty snd strength. Tap into it and walk out in your authentic being. Let the mind of Christ be in you and face the world with confidence, for “faith is confidence” – Joyce Meyer

– Candace Cujoe

Daily Digest: “Unpresss” The Snooze Button


It Starts With Me Not Waiting

For most, the thought of working hard is something we are committed to doing someday, but right now it’s not a priority. We think that when we get that dream job, that leadership position, that amount of money, then we will work hard, read the Bible more, and be generous. However, being the person God has called you to be in the future starts with you right now. Stop pressing the snooze button on your life; if you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. God wants to start working in and through your life starting now.

Rather than wait for tomorrow, we must allow God access to our lives today. There are things you can do starting today that the future version of yourself will thank you for.

• In your journal, write down what type of person/Christian/leader/husband/wife/employee that you want to be in the future. Now ask yourself, if you continue in the way you are going, will you eventually become that person?

• What needs to change and what daily disciplines do you need to introduce in order to become all that God has called you to be, and do all that God has called you to do?

Don’t use your age as an excuse to keep hitting the snooze button on your life. Train hard while you’re young so that when you’re older you can say with Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7).

Reference Verses
1 Timothy 4: 11 – 16
James 4: 13 – 17
Luke 9: 57 – 62
2 Timothy 4:7

– It Starts With Me

The Ditch


I live in ditch
A place made of molten pitch
A place where darkness lerks all around,
No smiling faces for there is nothing to smile about, so I wear a frown.
People looking in from the outside may think,
She is happy, if only I could live in the world she lives in
But if they were to face my inside reality
They may see my life more as a calamity

Why is it that my world is so grim?
I am a Christian, there is suppose to be peace in that world of living
Yet my heart grips me with sadness from day to day
Sometimes I get so weak, I don’t know how to pray.

Who is there to share my story with?
For some Christian people will easily label me and move along with it
Oh God deliver me from this snare
I don’t like this ditch, it’s too dark in here.

Tell me what I need to do to be free from a hole
A hole that leaves me broken and cold
One more day feel likes it’s just too much more
Father please look down from heaven and open up a door.

This is your daughter and I need to hear from you
Forgive me of my sins, make me tried and true
Prepare me to be a sanctuary for you
Because my life is sinking even deeper without you

Please don’t be angry at my constant prayer
It’s just my determination to get out of here
Recreate me and let me be
A living testimony just for thee

I thank you in advance for taking me out of this ditch,
And placing me in a world of joy, more than happiness
Thank you Lord for saving me
For its only in you, I am free.

Now I declare to people everywhere
No more darkness, only light in here
No more snare ,No more hatred
No more angry flares, No more dark living.
No more sorrow, only joy
No more feeling incomplete
For I am yours.

– Candace Cudjoe

The Renewed Project – Submittal 7


Today is exactly eight (8) months and fourteen (14) days since I have documented anything about the renewed project. Most of you might have forgotten that I launched a personal challenge for my life called, “The Renewed Project” and I don’t blame you because I did also. Yes I know. You are thinking, “She not serious”; but yes I am.

Family this has been a rough (emphasized) season for me. Before I wrote this blog, I did a little recapping on my former submittables and was moved to tears. In each post I saw a strength that I have prayed for and I am now asking myself, “Where did it go? Where is that girl? Please come back Candace”. There was I, pushing you to “NEVER GIVE UP” and “TRUST GOD IN THE STORM” but for this category 7 storm I have gone through and is still going, I almost gave up and stop trusting God in the process. Yes I am admitting it because I believe it’s important that you all know how weak I got. Weak. Very weak BUT GOD.

I can boldly say BUT GOD because somehow, through the pain, he touched me. Even when I did not recognize he was touching me, I was being touched. My prayer life dwindled tremendously and did so simultaneously with my WORD life. The days I read, my faith was boosted but for five minutes and then it was back to square one. “What was really going on with me”? For the life of me I could not have grasped the understanding of this season (yes its still here). However, I saw some things in me that I thought was DEAD. It’s either they were never dead and just subdued or was brought back to life through insurmountable doubting. In which ever way it came, those dirty traits were there and needed filtering. My family and significant other suffered at my hands because I did not know how to deal with what I was going through. I was ready to give up. One day I even told God, “I am tired of this and will not commit suicide, so please take me”. What a stupid thing to ask because the mere idea that I got up day by day, though the storms were raging, meant that God had/ has a purpose for me to accomplish. However, in my mind it was “whatever! I am tired”.

Tired of what though? If I was to go in-depth of my situation (which I will over time), I am sure you would say, “Girl please. You ain’t got problems” but for me it was so gigantic. As I mentioned earlier, I saw some dirty traits; things that needed to go. I will vehemently say that, with such an acrimonious spirit, God was/ is not going to give me what he has for me because it will become contaminated. Sorry for the plain talk but I adamant on keeping it real. I am not going to be clandestine about this because often times we hide our faults from people and not help another realize, they too have a problem and can move on.

In me initiating this project, little did I know that it was going to take me on such a roller coaster journey. You know those that causes you to “throw up”. I would say my “throwing ups” were the getting rid of filthy rags. Things that will abort or stunt purpose-driven growth. As I sat on my couch tonight and cried out to God, he led me back to this project and I am ever so thankful for the Holy Spirit and his leading.

It’s been ages since I sat and wrote a proper blog. Though my blog was active, many a days it was excerpts from articles I read because my heart’s desire was not to have a dormant website, since I believe in my heart, this is Gods work. I am ecstatic to say that this piece is a reintroduction piece, for which words cannot express my present feeling. All of this was written to say that I have learnt so much along this tedious journey and will be sharing with you all. Many of the things I about to write may leave you flabbergasted but it is all in the end to give YAHWEH the praise.

Thank you for being a faithful, loving and supporting family to me. I love you all dearly.

Submitted by: Candace Cudjoe  – Your friendly blogger.

Pillow Talk: Change Your Way of Living by Changing Your Way of Thinking

Being a blogger whose hearts desire is to inspire others to see their God-given potential, many of you may think I do not doubt, have fear or think negative sometimes. Well I can tell you that, that’s so quite the contrary since I am presently writing this piece from a place of doubt recovery. As a child, I always saw myself as a business woman, owning businesses of many facets and seeing them all thriving well. This dream never died but as I got older and the reality of life turned me over a few times, it was engulfed by fear and doubt. Seeing the businesses I always dreamed of, going up everywhere, I was left with the questions, “Why should I venture there? Who will buy these products? I may have to come in under the market?” and the list goes on. I started to doubt and dismiss my dreams until recently. After being out of a job for a few weeks, the thought of branching out on my own shone like a bright star to me again. For what I would like to start with, the amount of money needed is still not in hand but I didn’t let this phase me initially. Then one day, doubt stepped in. I didn’t have the money, so what was I really thinking about? There is no way I can possibly do this and so I was on a see-saw ride. One day optimistic, while the other, in total doubt and hands in the air. However, I was going to see how powerful the mind is through the eyes of a black history movie. Being black, I often wondered how did we become slaves and it dawned on me, that it was all in the mind. Though we were physically captured, to get us to obliged, they used weaponry against us and instilled a fear by getting into our minds. The weapon was just an assistant to the real culprit which was mental slavery. After telling us for years than we were less than out owners, we were going to believe it and so live like it. As I threw this out to a friend he said to  me, there are fighters who believe they are the best and no one can compete against them because their managers daily instill that into their minds. In other words, they transform their lives by transforming their minds.


This was really amazing to me. The mind is actually one of the most powerful tool we possess. If we conform our minds to think a particular way, then we will automatically start acting as we think. If you think you are the best  chef in your community, you will carry yourself that way and very soon, people will start addressing you that way. I have a friend who never did a professional make up course but always looked at YouTube over and over and over and told himself that he was/is the best.  He started off there and became very good at the art, then he moved into fashion designing. Though he has not reached his peak level in his career, he has already made great headway into the industry. Why? Because he mentally said that’s who he was, so the words came forth, then his life followed by bringing his mental to reality. These few examples was all I needed.  Though I do not have the resources in hand, I am so determined to get started that I can assure you, very soon, I will be writing a piece about how it all started. This is what I believe. My life will reflect how I think. I cannot expect a positive and effective lifestyle with a negative and defective mindset.

Is there something you always dreamed of doing but lost hope after you saw it a few times well in your circle? Then I am here to inspire you and to tell you that you can change your way of living by changing your way of thinking. I know what it feels like to doubt. I know what it feels like to see the things you want to do being done by others but you have to think that your way of doing things will be the best. Forget what other people may do. Set a standard for your dream and work towards it. The right people will follow and endorse your dream by being a supportive clientele.

Change your way of living by changing your way of thinking.



If you need prayer for any situation in your life or the lives concerning you, please email us at We will happy to pray for you. God bless you.

The Renewed Project: Keep Ticking

Recently I decided to take some time and read my older blog pieces. I was trying to pay attention to my progress over the almost three years of writing and what I’ve noticed is, there were both progression and disintegration. What was the cause for this? If you are doing something over and over and over, for many years, won’t you become better and better at it? Sure you would. So why was I seeing this “terrible” pattern. Being the person behind the blog and not assuming based on some humanistic system of thinking, I’ll openly say the source of that problem was inconsistency. Now there are the times when God would have pulled me back to deposit some things and that’s fine but I know, there were many times that my desire lackluster and I just didn’t do it. I allowed the feeling of “laziness” to consume me and this led to dry-spells which reflected in my writing. The pattern was clear. For one season my writing would be excellent, out of this world and for another season, I am thinking to myself, “did you really write this? Ugh Candace!” Inconsistency is a choke hole that no one should ever develop. Recently a very special friend of mine said to me, “When you start it, desire to finish it”. It’s better you take it, one thing at a time but desire to finish and “perfect” it.

I feel the very same way about my walk with God. Sometimes I’m up and then at the times I feel like giving up. Though this feeling is experienced by most Christians I know, I still don’t deem it as normal because I am sure they can all agree that most times, this feeling occurs when we lack or dropped in one area or areas which was formally frequently addressed. When you do one thing(one way) consistently after a while it becomes monotonous and the body will not receive much from it. It’s like exercising. A gym instructor will always ensure their clients switch up the routines because too much of the same thing will not be profitable to the muscle. Likewise if you are accustom to reading the bible once a day, there comes a time you will have to read two or three times a day to see growth and progress. If not, the act of repetition will bore you and draw you back from reading. Inconsistency will rare its head.

As I am analyzing my life, with the burning desire to rectify certain traits and patterns with the utmost help of God, I am encouraging you to live a life of consistency. Don’t look at others who might be handling more than one thing at a given time. If you can handle one, then let it be so. But when you start, do it to finish it. Let completion be your goal. A clock only stops ticking when its batteries die. So too should you stop ticking (accomplishing what you set out to do), only when you die. Until then, fulfill your purpose by being just like the clock, being consistent in your ticking.

I will  be twenty – six soon and for some they may consider that age too old to get some things started or some may get weary of continuing. I beg of you not to look at your age. My grandmother was seventy-five years of age, when she got her BA in Theology. Now that’s my kind of woman. A perfect example for me to never give up but keep on ticking. I will keep you all up to date with my progress as I am bent on living out the renewed project.

Submitted with Love – Candace Cudjoe