Take Not For Granted

Bless the Lord your God

Its been months since I’ve last posted something and all this is due to going through some processes I did not quite anticipate. It came such as a shocker, that writing seemed almost impossible. My heart and mind was in total turmoil and God was questioned more than ever before. I even reached the point of telling him, “take me” because I had enough of this. But who was I to disrespect God in such a way? He gives and takes away and I am subjected to go through his processes meant to build me because he is God. Repentance is the one gift I was and am thankful for. It gave me access to him once again and reunited me with my gift of writing. Did things reveal itself? No. I am yet to get answers. Funny ain’t it? However, my soul now rest in peace as I wait (not with baited breath) for the things God have for me.

During all this, God was blessing me over and over and over and blinded by the odds of life I could not see it. I was daunted in my spirit and this placed the thickest veil over my eyes. The Arise Woman Facebook page was constantly being liked and this angered my spirit because I was wondering why is this happening when I am at my weakest. But CANDACE YOU ARE NOT GOD and he orders things as he desires.

As I got up this morning, a feeling of heaviness tried consuming me again and I knew the shell had to be broken. Praying seemed the most tedious thing in the world so I just worshipped, which led me into realizing that I was taking the things I have and the people God has placed in my life, for granted. In the book of Romans 9, we read that God can show mercy to whom he wishes and harden his heart to whom he wishes also. He saw it fit to bless me with the gift of writing, not only blogs but also songs, books, etc. He also blessed me with a unique and powerful voice to sing, wonderful parents who had me in their most mature age and are still here with me, a loving friend who pushes me when I feel like being stagnant, wonderful spiritual parents and so much more but I still saw it fit to wallow in sorrow and question God. What if he decided to strip me of all those things and people? What shall I say then?

Why do we take the things we have for granted? Life will not always be as we like but we are reassured that all things work together for the good to them that loves the Lord and are called according to his purpose. So why murmur or complain? I was disappointed in where life took me because I thought I didn’t belong there but all the while, God was building character. Meaning, that’s exactly where I belonged. We must NEVER take things for granted. Even the “bad” things. For there is purpose in all circumstances and reasons for all the people who passes through or stays in our lives. If you are blessed with a gifting or talent do not quench its operation. Juice it, even if the juicer (you) is giving trouble. God is able to keep you and complete that thing which he started.




Daily Digest: Threshing

farmer hand threshing

Although not always so, instruments of threshing can include other people, situations in our lives or circumstances that we are placed in. As an example, a hurting word or action from someone who crosses our path of life will test out ability to overcome our own normal reactions and instead forgive them and show love towards them. Afflictions and emotional pain in our lives usually diverts our attention from our busy self-absorbed lifestyles, allowing us to slow our life down and reflect on how our life is being lived.

When threshing comes our way, our role is to turn towards God with a willing heart to allow him to complete his work of threshing on each of us even though the process of separating from the world and letting go of living life just for ourselves is difficult and painful. The Lord tests people to find out what is in our hearts. The testing provides evidence not only to God but also to us of the state of our heart before God.

What will your heart say, when you are tested?


Activate Meditation or Face Disintegration

There is a reason God summons us to meditate on his word. I’ve learnt that man might tell us to do things for many reasons, many being frivolous but when God says do something, it’s because he knows and wants whats best for us.

Within the past couple days I’ve paid attention to something that I am not too proud of but at the same time, glad to have notice it, to work on rectifying it. Each day I read the word, a particular verse would have caught my eyes and sometimes I would have prayed it. Maybe I thought praying it was activating it and so went about my business through out the day not meditating on it. Why do that? After all I did pray the word. However, during my time of reflection at night after a long day, I would realize that the same verse or verses I “prayed and technically activated” was not activated at all. Then the feeling of shame and guilt would have to be faced. Up to yesterday this pattern reared it’s head. As I read the verses that I did HIGHLIGHT in my bible yesterday, I was amazed that the things I prayed against doing is exactly what I did. All I could have done was smile but it was no happy smile but rather one of deep thought and concern. What is really going on God? Why is this happening to me? These questions bombarded my mind like vehicles on a highway. Then came my answer like a shoot star, racing across my mind, MEDITATION. I am very sure that God was speaking because I know all about meditating but yet never thought of it. I’ve spent days beating up myself, calling myself a spiritual failure because some things I just could not get right. Whats does meditation mean? To meditate means – to focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence for spiritual purposes. The key words being focus and period of time (in my humble opinion).

Reading the word is not all but what really makes it effective is when we meditate on it. The more you meditate on something, the more it infiltrates the system and stays there. Chances of forgetting what it says , will be less and I am not talking about the times we conveniently forget what the word of God says, just to have our own way. Sometimes we really do forget that the word of God said, do this or don’t do that and that’s because the words never really registered. The bible says in 2 Timothy 2: 25 – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. To pass an exam, we don’t just study the information given to us. We soak it in, which leads to remembrance to be successful in the examination. The same principle applies to the word of God. If we don’t activate meditation, we will face devastating disintegration. Our lives will slowly but surely fall into pieces. We would become weary of trying to do whats right and eventually give up.

I am openly talking to myself (while sharing with you). It’s time to activate meditation. Allow the word of God to not only be seen but to saturate your system. Don’t see words only in the book but let the words live on the pages of your heart and mind. LET THEM LIVE. LET THEM GUIDE. LET THEM LEAD. The word of God is God. LET GOD LEAD. MEDITATE ON HIM. MEDITATE ON HIS WORD.

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The Renewed Project: Keep Ticking

Recently I decided to take some time and read my older blog pieces. I was trying to pay attention to my progress over the almost three years of writing and what I’ve noticed is, there were both progression and disintegration. What was the cause for this? If you are doing something over and over and over, for many years, won’t you become better and better at it? Sure you would. So why was I seeing this “terrible” pattern. Being the person behind the blog and not assuming based on some humanistic system of thinking, I’ll openly say the source of that problem was inconsistency. Now there are the times when God would have pulled me back to deposit some things and that’s fine but I know, there were many times that my desire lackluster and I just didn’t do it. I allowed the feeling of “laziness” to consume me and this led to dry-spells which reflected in my writing. The pattern was clear. For one season my writing would be excellent, out of this world and for another season, I am thinking to myself, “did you really write this? Ugh Candace!” Inconsistency is a choke hole that no one should ever develop. Recently a very special friend of mine said to me, “When you start it, desire to finish it”. It’s better you take it, one thing at a time but desire to finish and “perfect” it.

I feel the very same way about my walk with God. Sometimes I’m up and then at the times I feel like giving up. Though this feeling is experienced by most Christians I know, I still don’t deem it as normal because I am sure they can all agree that most times, this feeling occurs when we lack or dropped in one area or areas which was formally frequently addressed. When you do one thing(one way) consistently after a while it becomes monotonous and the body will not receive much from it. It’s like exercising. A gym instructor will always ensure their clients switch up the routines because too much of the same thing will not be profitable to the muscle. Likewise if you are accustom to reading the bible once a day, there comes a time you will have to read two or three times a day to see growth and progress. If not, the act of repetition will bore you and draw you back from reading. Inconsistency will rare its head.

As I am analyzing my life, with the burning desire to rectify certain traits and patterns with the utmost help of God, I am encouraging you to live a life of consistency. Don’t look at others who might be handling more than one thing at a given time. If you can handle one, then let it be so. But when you start, do it to finish it. Let completion be your goal. A clock only stops ticking when its batteries die. So too should you stop ticking (accomplishing what you set out to do), only when you die. Until then, fulfill your purpose by being just like the clock, being consistent in your ticking.

I will  be twenty – six soon and for some they may consider that age too old to get some things started or some may get weary of continuing. I beg of you not to look at your age. My grandmother was seventy-five years of age, when she got her BA in Theology. Now that’s my kind of woman. A perfect example for me to never give up but keep on ticking. I will keep you all up to date with my progress as I am bent on living out the renewed project.

Submitted with Love – Candace Cudjoe





The Renewed Project – Submittal 4

Hi guys and girls. Sorry for the informality but I feel to be as free as possible today, which takes me to the essence of this piece. I am sure you all would have heard about conducting a SWOT analysis on yourselves, which highlights faults and strengths, that all aids in you becoming a better person. After conducting one myself, I would say that this approach can be very helpful because it allows you a chance to discover pieces of you. However, many people become frustrated after a while when things don’t seem to be falling into their respective places after conducting a SWOT analysis. Though this may seem as common sense, I felt the need to reiterate for some and introduce the ideas to others, that you have to tap into your resolutions. The SWOT analysis is only meant to give you an idea of things you need to work on but to deal with the real issue you have to literally tap into it.

Pretty young woman with arms raised

Let me make it a little clearer. By tapping in, I don’t mean applying the solution for a week and then stopping. I mean being consistent with it. There are days you will feel like giving up. It may seem as though things are stagnant. You may feel like your approach is not making any sense. That is not the time to give up. Maybe you would need to take an ice cream break or cake or whatever “tickles your fancy” (something good of course..lol) and relax. Free the brain a bit and go at it again. Giving up is NOT and should NEVER be an option.Why am I saying this? Simply because I found myself in that position. Things were beginning becoming a bit cumbersome and I started lashing out at everything and everyone, while a little prayer was brewing somewhere deep inside of me, saying “Oh Jesus help me, help me, help me”. Though I would wait for the calming factor that he (God) always applies, sometimes, the overwhelming feeling would not allow me to feel it but thank God, I decided giving up is not an option. So I paused for a cause, pulled myself away from everything and everyone and recalibrated. No! I am not hibernating. These things are sometimes necessary. The hassle of the world can twist your thinking processes at times and cause you to make rash and silly decisions. Some may beg to differ and that is fine because things vary for different people.

Today I actually felt the effects of my decision.I felt the freedom I have longed for. I had my time to think and I am ready to implement some new factors in my life, while strengthening those that are already there. I’m about to tap in. I also decided to have a little tick off list (sub swot) to keep track of my progress. My little heart is filled with so much excitement to take this next step, all for the renewal of my life. My goal is to be the authentic me and with God as my guide, that I intend to do. The road will be bumpy at times but I will still enjoy the ride. Will you join me by tapping into your hearts desire for your life? Maybe its health and fitness, building up of your confidence/ self-esteem, walking out of an abusive relationship, getting rid of some old bad habits and the list goes on. Think big. Think positive. Let’s tap into the next positive move in our lives together. Are you ready?

Share something you would like to change in your life and your vision of tapping in to get it done. You might just get company to do so.

The Renewed Project – Candace Cudjoe


The Renewed Project – Submittal 3

As I am writing this piece, there is a smile on my face that has me in awe because some things in this journey of life are so mysterious, all you can do is smile, laugh or sometimes cry. So here I am reflecting on a few things, looking at my progress and simultaneously my failures. However, tonight, I have decided to do something different not because of me but because of something that is presently happening to which I still cannot understand.


So today was not one of my best days, yet as I reflect, my heart was singing a worship song. Honestly, I am still in shock because the Candace I know, will be in tears and welling over this situation. Why is my heart singing a worship song? Am I mad and it’s flowing over in my heart? Oh but what a vital lesson I’ve learnt from this and that is, God looks beyond our faults and sees our needs. Now this is written in the word but as we know, application of the word is always more tedious than simply reading. So while the flesh would want to succumb to this minute issue, God is saying, here I am, hand it over to me and find rest for your soul. This leaves me to really wonder why God loves me so much. Have you ever stop to think about it? Why does he love us so much? It’s rather unfathomable. I guess that’s why he is called an awesome wonder.

I can’t find it in myself to sink myself into a dungeon. All I can do is sing this one through with a smile because I know God’s got it. Dear brother or sister, you are not perfect and no this is not an avenue to be used for reveling in wrong doing but it remains that you are not perfect and you will make mistakes along the way. The real issue will be how you deal with it. Will you allow it to overwhelm you and take your focus off of God or will you say, God here it is, take it, while I worship you and wait?’ I chose the latter. Which one will you chose? A wounded soldier is still a soldier and is trained to fight even when bruised. In our case we can stand still and know that God is God and the battle is not ours but it belongs to him. What we do is, NOT DOUBT the process but believe that even in turmoil, there can underlying beauty, waiting to be revealed. This gives me such a free feeling. I am excited for what God is doing in me. Are you excited for your journey? I hope you are because Romans 8:18 says  – I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.


The renewed project – Candace Cudjoe

Enjoy the song: