Reality Check

Circumstances often shows us the reality of our stance. Especially in the life of a Christian, the truth of what we believe, is made known to us through testing times. I remember a couple years ago, when I  began facing situations of a new dimension, a very soft voice spoke to me, posing a question that is still engraved in my mental membrane to this day. I was asked, “Will you be a good time Christian or an all time Christian“?

At the time, I vehemently responded without thinking about my answer “I will be an all time Christian”. The profoundness of the question did not yet fully penetrate my mental faculty and so it was easy to respond. After all, I was responding to God. The one man I will say or do anything to please. What I needed to be mindful of was, I was replying to a God who knows and sees all things. (TIP: Be careful how you answer God, your words might just squelch you).

As time went on and the waves of life began beating against my ship, slowly the infrastructure began to fall apart. The response I gave then became a question. Will I be an all time Christian? I was just about ready to give up. Many days I wallowed in sorrow and anguish. The truth about my foundation was coming to life. How solid was I in Christ? Were my circumstances going to determine the basis of my relationship with him?

There were days it almost did. I am not sure what kept me going. I will have to say, it was God himself in a very strange way because my mind said let go. My body said let go. I believe my heart said let go but yet I found myself holding on and moving on. I marvel at it to this day but in all this I was given a reality check. 

I was left with an evaluation sheet for my life, especially my faith and I must admit, I found myself wanting in some areas. Never did I thought, that I would be thankful for the grueling processing I went through and is still overcoming. Now I know what it means when the scripture says “In everything give thanks”. It may not make sense initially. What about pain makes sense? All we think about is getting it away. If there was a pill for emotional and societal pains, I am sure it would have peaked sales on the market because no one likes to feel the effects of circumstances. However, if there is no testing, there will be no reshaping. There were much improvement to be made in my life and I am thankful for failures and disappointements because they helped in bringing about the readjustment.

By much pruning and purging, it is safe to say, I conscientiously choose to be an all time Christian. God will not be served because he can serve me but simply because he is God and deserves to be revered. Don’t seek God for the things (blessings) but seek him to know his heart. We often don’t realize this is where we truly are until faced with many disappointments. When we find ourselves in a solidified disposition, we simultaneously find it difficult to be moved, even when faced with circumstances.

Have you had a reality check lately? What did you discover about your life (especially in Christ)?

– Candace Cudjoe


Daily Digest: Obedience to the Heavenly Vision


If we lose “the heavenly vision” God has given us, we alone are responsible—not God. We lose the vision because of our own lack of spiritual growth. If we do not apply our beliefs about God to the issues of everyday life, the vision God has given us will never be fulfilled. The only way to be obedient to “the heavenly vision” is to give our utmost for His highest—our best for His glory. This can be accomplished only when we make a determination to continually remember God’s vision. But the acid test is obedience to the vision in the details of our everyday life—sixty seconds out of every minute, and sixty minutes out of every hour, not just during times of personal prayer or public meetings.

“Though it tarries, wait for it . . .” (Habakkuk 2:3). We cannot bring the vision to fulfillment through our own efforts, but must live under its inspiration until it fulfills itself. We try to be so practical that we forget the vision. At the very beginning we saw the vision but did not wait for it. We rushed off to do our practical work, and once the vision was fulfilled we could no longer even see it. Waiting for a vision that “tarries” is the true test of our faithfulness to God. It is at the risk of our own soul’s welfare that we get caught up in practical busy-work, only to miss the fulfillment of the vision. Watch for the storms of God. The only way God plants His saints is through the whirlwind of His storms. Will you be proven to be an empty pod with no seed inside? That will depend on whether or not you are actually living in the light of the vision you have seen. Let God send you out through His storm, and don’t go until He does. If you select your own spot to be planted, you will prove yourself to be an unproductive, empty pod. However, if you allow God to plant you, you will “bear much fruit” (John 15:8).

It is essential that we live and “walk in the light” of God’s vision for us (1 John 1:7). In all matters, O Lord, I would acknowledge You. Keep me in tune with You so that others may catch the joyousness and gladness of God.

Daily Digest: Friendship With God

“Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do?” Genesis 18:17


Its Delights. This chapter brings out the delight of real friendship with God as compared with occasional feelings of His presence in prayer. To be so much in contact with God that you never need to ask Him to show you His will , is to be nearing the final stage of your discipline in the life of faith. When you are rightly related to God, it is a life of freedom and liberty and delight, you are God’s will , and all your commonsense decisions are His will for you unless He checks. You decide things in perfect delightful friendship with God, knowing that if your decisions are wrong He will always check; when He checks, stop at once.

Its Difficulties. Why did Abraham stop praying when he did? He was not intimate enough yet to go boldly on until God granted his desire, there was something yet to be desired in his relationship to God. Whenever we stop short in prayer and say – “Well , I don’t know; perhaps it is not God’s will ,” there is still another stage to go. We are not so intimately acquainted with God as Jesus was, and as He wants us to be – “That they may be one even as we are one.”

Think of the last thing you prayed about – were you devoted to your desire or to God? Determined to get some gift of the Spirit or to get at God? “Your Heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him.” The point of asking is that you may get to know God better.

“Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Keep praying in order to get a perfect understanding of God Himself.

– My Utmost for his Highest

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Daily Digest: The Initiative Against Dreaming

Arise, let us go hence.” John 14:31


Dreaming about a thing in order to do it properly is right; but dreaming about it when we should be doing it is wrong. After Our Lord had said those wonderful things to His disciples, we might have expected that He would tell them to go away and meditate over them all ; but Our Lord never allowed “mooning.”

When we are getting into contact with God in order to find out what He wants, dreaming is right; but when we are inclined to spend our time in dreaming over what we have been told to do, it is a bad thing and God’s blessing is never on it. God’s initiative is always in the nature of a stab against this kind of dreaming, the stab that bids us “neither sit nor stand but go.” If we are quietly waiting before God and He has said – “Come ye yourselves apart,” then that is meditation before God in order to get at the line He wants; but always beware of giving over to mere dreaming when once God has spoken.

Leave Him to be the source of all your dreams and joys and delights, and go out and obey what He has said. If you are in love, you do not sit down and dream about the one you love all the time, you go and do something for him; and that is what Jesus Christ expects us to do. Dreaming after God has spoken, is an indication that we do not trust Him.


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Iniquity Misconception: Life Principle


Psalm 66:18 – If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.

I grew up with a misconception of this verse and is very sure that I’m not alone. With the words “heart” and “not hear me” 3D vision effect on me, I understood this verse as, “If I was holding malice against someone in my heart, God will not hear me”. I guess the context in which it was often used, has a lot to play with my comprehension of the verse. I remember having an altercation with a fellow youth in my church and in sending her a letter, I quoted this verse with such an exuberant feeling because to me, I was “clearing” the atmosphere for God to work. Looking back makes it rather funny now because though that was done and over with, I was still sinning. The word iniquity does not mean bearing malice. It actually covers greater grounds and if fully understood, would yield greater results for a person. Though it came from the bible and it is a biblical approach to life, it is an approach to life. Something that should be remembered and applied.

Iniquity – immoral or grossly unfair behaviour.

Take a good look at the meaning. Let’s take a closer look at the first word. For the people who like to live off of morals and prefer to say “I pray to God”. Iniquity means to be immoral. To accept no standards in life and to me that verse is a life principle and not only a spiritual mandate. If you regard iniquity in your heart, the pray that you pray is void. Some of you might have gotten answers and so you would refute this but I am sure that whatever you got was for a season and you would have had to be back at it again with your praying for the same situation. My dear readers, my understanding of this word, had me messed up for years and so I lived in sin and kept on asking for forgiveness and repeating and asking for forgiveness and repeating and living in that forbidden cycle.

Now that the scales have been removed from my eyes, I understand fully that if I live immoral to Gods morals and values and my behaviour is grossly unfair – sinful, then God will not hear from me. If you are to think it in an earthly form, let’s look at a simple example.

Example: The queen requires that none should come into her with a strap blouse and jeans but Gina appears at the palace (not yet the inner courts where the queen is) with such an outfit and tries to approach the throne with the best formatted petition. Do you think she would be allowed to see the queen? Do you think the queen would hear her? Would she be allowed in the inner court?

The reality is no to all questions. It’s the very same for us. If we are to regard iniquity, meaning to live in this principle, then God will not hear us. Though we babble on in what we call “prayer”, the word is the word and the Kingdom’s principle, is it’s principle. Were you just like me? Did you look at it in this light? I hope not. I hope you would have already gained the understanding of this lifestyle and have been ardent in living it. If not, it is not too late.  You can make that turn around and become a better person. When you let go of iniquity you don’t only feel elevated spiritually but in all the other “allys” of your life. The  misconception should stop here. It’s time to let go of iniquity and ARISE.

– Candace Cudjoe