Matters Of The Heart

But the goal of our instruction is love [which springs] from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith – 1 TIMOTHY 1:5 AMP  (

Reading such a profound verse caused my heart to cringe. The word, doing what it does best, cutting asunder, brought about a deep conviction within me. I first wondered if I had genuine love, followed by, what type of heart was it coming from? After receiving mutiple blows from life, one can begin to habour the rejection which springs up bitterness. Pain of any kind is never easy and as such, if you would have ever gone through emotional issues, you will be able to tell, that it can cause you to become a “hater” as it is said.

I am no hater, neither will I ever be, for I refuse to totally succumb to my injuries. However, the multiple blows did have a negative impact on my life and based on the aforementioned verse, I realized that my heart needed to be totally purged. The word of God says in Psalms 24 : 3 – 4,

Who may ascend onto the mountain of the Lord ? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart….…… PSALM 24:3‭-‬4a AMP

With some deep rooted resentment in my heart for the people who were instrumental in inflicting pain on me,  will I be able to stand in God’s holy place? ABSOLUTELY NOT! My heart first needs to be pure. Does this mean I am not a Christian? NO! Do I not love the Lord? YES I DO! Therefore my heart needs to get into alignment with his word. It’s often easier to give the reasons why we should hold on to unforgiveness, the feeling of rejection, abandonment or ill will but in wanting to please God (because of his power that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly all we can ask or think, once we avail ourselves) it should becomes just as easy to let go. 

The heart is a sacred place and out of it springs the treasure of life, therefore we must guard it (Proverbs 4:23). We must keep it holy at all times for we serve a holy God, who is the searcher of hearts. 

Never allow the matters of the heart, to cause you to sin against God. No one is worth his place. So as you go through today, I pray for you as I pray for myself, that a pure heart of genuine love will be cultivated. Bitterness will dissipate, as forgiveness is a mandate. May we live in the perfect peace that God has created for us, knowing that vengeance belongs to God and he will pay each man accordingly. Hell is real, and after facing “hell” on earth in certain situations, it is imperative that we live right, to receive that blessed place of rest when Christ returns called HEAVEN. Where there will be no more pain but everlasting worship. Think of the joy that is to come and worship God. PRAISE IN THE HAZE.
 – Candace Cudjoe


We Stop The Flow


Many of us are praying for something, some of which are MIRACLES (emphasis added). Please note that our prayers will NOT be answered and the blessings will NOT FLOW, if we are carrying unforgiveness in our hearts. These are not my words but the word of the Lord. 

If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear. –Psalms 66:18 

So please, let it go. Rid yourself of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment and the likes, for its only then God will answer your prayer. His word cannt lie, so maybe your results is taking long because you are harbouring unforgiveness. Repent and ask again. Watch God bring it to pass


Daily Digest: The Life

An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. This is the theory many of us live by. We keep thoughts of wicked done to us and plan our revenge with intent of more severe damage than we may have gone through. 

We often forget that vengeance belongs to God. When evil is repaid,  we become just as the persons who would have done it. Sometimes maybe worst. This often happens because we think of ourselves more highly than others. We are to (even in turmoil), love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Not love yourself and “care” a little or not at all about others.

God is looking and waiting to create a people of a renewed mind. A mind and heart that is just like him. Overlooking faults and seeing needs. If God is suppose to treat us the way we treat people, our lives would be miserable. 

Therefore, let us learn to forgive and share the heart of Christ with all men (human beings), for this is one of the wills of God concerning us. 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – Romans 12:21 NKJV

Prayer: Father I thank you for ministering to my heart by your Holy Spirit. Forgive me for harbouring hurt and unkind acts done to me. I forgive all persons associated with these thoughts and remove resentment from my life. Thank you for washing me in your blood, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


The Morning

After having a not so splendid night, the day started off pretty rough. My schooling requires me to travel to the other side of the country from where I live and in this school season, it’s imperative that I leave in the early hours of the morning. This means that the mornings would be cold. Travelling with a bus would be more economic for me as well as comfortable but that too would be cold. So I prepared myself for the occasion, placing my scarf through my handbag strap as I always do.


While in a taxi on my way to the bus terminal, something didn’t feel right. Where was my scarf? I started searching frantically, not that there were much places to look; it was not there. My scarf was lost. My heart literally sank because all I thought was, how would I face this cold morning, the cold bus and my cold classroom. Oh and I forgot to mention that it was my FAVOURITE scarf. I didn’t look in a mirror but I felt the change on my countenance. This is quite not a nice morning……. or is it?

I had to sum of the strength to say, even though everything seems to be going wrong, I still have live and it’s something to give thanks for. My scarf is gone but my body is still in tact to feel coldness while others are cold – dead.

What am I writing all this to say?
Simply this, as tough as a situation may be,  we have the power to say, I will accept a fallon persona today or not. Yes, some challenges would be more severe than others but the principle still applies. Instead of drowning yourself in sorrow,  why not look on the brighter side of things. It actually helps your brain to relax and sometimes create solutions.

Did you loose something or someone special? Try the reverse of what you are feeling and thinking. Try seeing a blessing in disguise. I can first handedly say it won’t be easy because even as I write, my mind still wants to wander back on the scarf and how rough the day has started but with much starvation,  the negativity will die. This pushes me to leave this quote with you,


Have a good day family and remember, our mind is the battlefield. Therefore we must make every attempt coupled off with an intense yet simple prayer, to overcome.

I now make my way to school in a cold bus with a smile.


Pillow Talk: The Smallest Bite


As I think of the smallest bite, I think of Adam and Eve. Though I was not there in the garden, I can only imagine that it did not take the entire fruit to cause their eyes to open. Logically speaking, if it did, Eve would not be able to share her fruit with Adam but rather pick a separate one for him. The bible did not say that, so we are convinced that Eve took a bite of the fruit and gave Adam to do the same. This caused on both their lives, something God never intended. Sin and a disgrace to their creation.

Reflecting on that and paralleling it to something I did earlier on today made me realize how dangerous the smallest bite can be. Most times when we take “bad” risk, (and I inverted the word because, bad can be anything not good according to the individuals morals and values) we never think of the repercussions as much as the excitement. After all, we do it with the aim of not getting caught and that brings the fun in it. However, for the persons who may not want to at times and are persuaded to do something risky, it leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. For example, a young woman who takes a risk in having coitus with her boyfriend and it resulting in pregnancy, how would she feel? Guilty, miserable, worthless, anguish and the list can go on. That result would have started off with just a small bite. Sometimes the intention is just to do it once and never again but the result brings shame., making the smallest bite, the most distasteful thing, that could have ever been done.

No I am not that young woman…lol but what I did equates to the feeling. Even though it was wrong, it didn’t feel wrong at the time because it brought me pleasure. I rebuke the person who says, sin isn’t sweet because that’s a lie. It is sweet but for how long? It’s like drinking paregoric and honey. The sweet taste comes first but you are left with a bitter taste in the end. After going through that ordeal, it made me realize that, though the bites of something might seem small and so “doable”, it makes no sense risking a soul of peace and sanity. This goes for anything in life. Friends might persuade you to try cocaine, just this one time and that time can turn you into an addict. YES! IT IS POSSIBLE. Though my situation was nothing of the examples used, I’ve learnt my lesson. I love peace and serenity. It’s worth more than anything risky I may want to do for two minutes. resulting in two hours of sadness and guilt. You may wonder, what could she have possibly done to feel like that and I will say, when the Holy Spirit is your constant guide, the smallest bite seems like you ate an entire fruit. The conviction is so strong that you feel like hiding from a God you really cannot hide from.

I would not wish this feeling on the person who hates me the most, for guilt is an internal parasite.It will eat its way at you until you sink into depression, self neglection and sometimes suicide. All these things are possible because of taking the smallest bite. I urge you to avoid taking negative risk, not even for the fun of it because it’s repercussions can take the moments of having fun completely out of your life.


Sometimes I Don’t Understand God

This morning I found myself being angry with God. Angry to the point where a friend sent me a message of encouragement and in my mind I thought, “I don’t want to hear nothing”. I just wanted to be angry and vent because I just can’t understand God sometimes. However there is that part of me that wants to, so I go digging and came across this beautiful poem that is helping to put my mind at ease. I am not there yet but I am trying my best to let God take over and flesh get out of  the way. I’ll Hold On by Tamela Mann is also soothing me a bit. God Help me!


I don’t understand God sometimes
In fact he almost fools me
Confuses me
Fakes me
Freaks me
Turns me around to the point where
I have no clue which way is up
I don’t understand God sometimes
I don’t get why babies die
From lack of love
And people die
from lack of rain
or from too much of it
I don’t understand why pastors get sick
Or parents die in plane crashes
Or why I can’t seem to beat the pretzel level on Mrs. PacMan
God, I just don’t understand you sometimes

But then there are the quiet times
When rain sings on old leaves
Or geese paint v’s across the clouds
Or the night sky comes out dressed in stars
And I hear you whispering softly to me
I don’t understand you sometimes God,
But there are the happy times,
The worship times,
When you are closer to me than even I am to me
And I hear your voice mingled with mine
When I see worship-joy in student eyes
And I hear truth-words fall from young mouths

I don’t understand you sometimes God,
But then there are the hard times
When it seems like all the world has run away
Or it all is chasing me
Times when the ones that said that they
Liked me
Loved me
Cared for me
Hurt me
And tore open my heart
And I was left feeling lost
And exposed
And most especially

Until I felt your presence with me
Beside me
Comforting me
Completing me
And I don’t understand you God,
But I know you were there.
I don’t understand you God,
Your ways are not my ways
But I don’t have to understand you to know
that you are God
And I am loved
And that’s enough

Daily Digest: Not In Vain

1 Corinthians 15: 58 – Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

This piece speaks of how I feel at present. It has not been easy for me. I’ve spent more days crying than smiling. I’ve considered giving up more than ever before. I have no zeal to do anything or to be around people. Not sure if you’ve ever felt that way . However I always find REST and SOLACE in the word of God. He loves up on me and  keeps me in his perfect peace. Know that if you are going through and even if you are not, be reminded that he can and will do the same for you.


Sometimes I feel to give up

Sometimes I feel like I’ve had enough

Sometimes I ask myself why?

Sometimes all I can do is cry.

Why must I got through this pain?

How can I dance in the rain?

My heart so heavy laden with burdens

I have no zeal to do anything

Then the words jump out at me

Your labour is not in vain.

So though I feel consumed and weary

I will continue to tarry

Because my daddy has gone to prepare a place for me

A place where after all this I’ll be happy.

Tarry child tarry

Behind this comes the victory

I’ll hold unto the end of his garment if I have to

With the anticipation of the special delivery that will be brought for me.


Father I thank you for even this present time. Though  I can’t understand at times, I trust your hands. Where i need strength, fill me up. When my hope fades, help me to get it together in Jesus name. Thank you that my latter will be greater than this. Thank you that my labour is not in vain and that I’ll be with you at the end of this. I love you and will tarry as you keep me in Jesus Name. Amen.

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